J.K. Rowling has been quoted as saying that the Half-Blood Prince was her favorite movie, capturing the darkness, torment, and struggle perfectly, but that may change with the coming movies. Here are 3 more movies and 3 more years of trivia.

2007 “Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix”

3. Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood, made the radish earrings that Luna wears herself! As an extra tidbit, Lynch is a major fan of the books and often wrote to J.K. Rowling (fan letters and all). In one, she commented that she would love to act in an Harry Potter film, but it was unlikely since she lived in “ a sleepy little place called Termonfeckin, where nothing ever happened. And to Evanna’s surprise, Rowling wrote back, “Don’t be too hard on Termonfeckin; it does have a brilliant name! And I come from a very sleepy place.”.”

2. Although based on the longest book in the seven book series, this is the shortest movie in the Harry Potter film series.

1. Dumbledore’s line “Don’t fight him, Harry, you can’t win” was featured prominently in just about every trailer and TV-spot, yet it is nowhere in the final version of the film, nor in the DVD’s extended scenes.

2009 “Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince”

3. J.K. Rowling read through the script for this film, and found a line where Dumbledore mentions a girl he had a crush on when he was younger. After reading it, she informed the filmmakers that Dumbledore is in fact gay, and that his only romantic infatuation was with the wizard Grindelwald, whom he later had to defeat in a wizard duel. She later made this information public while promoting the final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

2. As an homage to J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, a fan of hers, included a reference to the series in his novel Wolves of Calla, featuring Snitches as flying grenades. Wolves was published one year before the Half-Blood Prince novel. Rowling, in turn, returned the favor: the Gaunts (Voldemort’s maternal family though Dumbledore did not mention in the film) is alluded to Leland Gaunt – the lead antagonist in King’s novel Needful Things (played by ‘Max von Sydow’ in the 1993 film adaptation).

1. The original script had 6 flashbacks to Voldemort, only two of which were used. One of the cut scenes in particular finally explains “why the Defense of the Dark Arts job gets jinxed with each teacher lasting no more than one year since 1956 – Dumbledore turned down Riddle’s offer to teach”

2010 “Harry Potter and Deathly Hollows – Part 1”

The long awaited final movie is arriving in theatres tonight (for the lucky ones at least who bought the tickets ahead of time) at 11:59 P.M. in most theatres.  Others will have to compete for tickets the day of release, November 19, unless it’s all sold out, which is not a wholly improbable scenario.

For now, here’s some trivia, though be forewarned, it might be a spoiler.

3. Over 500 wands were created for the film. They are checked out and checked in before, during, and after the filming day is completed. Many came back broken.

2. Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs) “originally considered not returning for this film, fearing that his character’s arrest and imprisonment at the end of the fifth book and film would mean very little if any screen time in the finale. Upon meeting J.K Rowling, he begged to be let out of prison. She told him “You’re out. Chapter one.” This immediately convinced him to sign on for the film.”

1.  “One of the posters in the diner where the trio ends up in London is from Daniel Radcliffe‘s play Equus.”

Otherwise, just get yourself out to theatres and enjoy the ending of one of the few movie series that gets to the number 8, without having even one turn out completely horrible.

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