Movember is here. Wait, you don’t know what it is? Read about it. It’s about men’s health, yet it doesn’t exclude the ladies and it involves facial hair. Most importantly it’s about men coming together for a cause other than sports. Now onto why this particular Thursday is so important:

MustacheNovember 18 has been declared “Have Sex With A Guy With A Mustache Day.” Asylum, an AOL site that targets men, created this day because they were concerned about the role of women in Movember. Their solution? To create a day on which women can support the cause by loving a man with a mustache.

Maybe they should have encouraged more MoSistas to donate to men’s health, but I’m sure a lot of guys will enjoy this holiday.

The people at Asylum created this video to help spread the word:


While it’s all in good fun, I think it’s important to still keep the cause at the forefront. I know a lot of people won’t like the idea of bringing humor into a cause about cancer. What’s your take?

Photo Credit: Joel Washing via Flickr Creative Commons License

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