We get nailed with humor right away with an exquisite X-FILES opening title sequence in place of the usual glass-shattering SUPERNATURAL title sequence.  The episode title, Clap Your Hands If You Believe just took on a brilliant double-meaning.

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Sam and Dean are discussing the need for Sam to show more restraint and empathy when interrogating and interviewing (though I completely disagree, since new Sam brings a wonderfully droll humor to the show).  They are investigating crop circles and disappearances in Indiana, where they meet conspiracy theorists and victim number one’s father, watchmaker who knows more than he is telling the brothers.

Before any clues are given, Dean is launched into a white light, while Sam calmly finishes his beer and then proceeds to “bonk” one of the hotter hippie conspiracy ladies.

Dean is quickly returned, not happy to discover Sam has been bedding women instead of sulking over the loss of his brother.  This leads to one of the better dialogues I’ve seen in the SUPERNATURAL series, with Dean explaining to Sam why the good guys must sit and suffer when left helpless in situations.  It’s the type of conversation that really takes screenplay writers to task for the typical clichés used to write “hero characteristics.”  Bravo to writer Ben Edlund!

The next scene is even better, with Dean getting attacked by a tiny floating light.  He wins by catching it in the microwave AND COOKS THE FAIRY!  I actually stood up and cheered when the microwave ding took us to commercial break.  CLAP YOUR HANDS IF YOU BELIEVE…INDEED!

Dean tries to show Sam the remains, but only Dean can see the blown-up fairy, as well as some creepy homeless man who has been following them.  More information is given to the brothers by a fairy-obsessed townie lady, who informs Sam and Dean that Fairies are given many names (gnomes, goblins, brownies, elves).  She even tells them that fairies love cream and spilling the salt creates an OCD reaction that causes the fairies to have to count every single spilled morsel on the ground.  I’m curious if we’ll ever see this magical fairyland she described.

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Having found out it is usually the first-born child who is a target or payment for fairies, Dean is on edge.  After discovering the watchmaker has elves creating watches for him in his shop, Dean tells Sam, who goes to confront the watchmaker.  Dean thinks he is being followed again, which leads to him jumping a fairy that is following him, only to discover it is not a fairy, but a short man.  The short man also happens to be the District Attorney, and Dean gets arrested, while screaming, “Fight the Fairies!”  The police are quick to add HATE CRIME to Dean’s list of charges.  Tremendous.

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The watchmaker offers to help Sam get rid of the fairies and elves, since he knows the spell that brought them there in the first place, and he made a deal with a Leprechaun to do it by paying the Leprechaun with his first born kid.  We see Sam and the watchmaker sneak past elves who are drunk on cream.  Before the watchmaker can read from the book, he is stabbed by the lead UFO conspiracy theorist, who turns out to be the Leprechaun (which was easy to predict, because Robert Picardo is playing him, and Robert Picardo rules).  The Leprechaun even reveals that he can do something the Angels cannot do:  he knows a few “backdoor” tricks to getting Sam’s soul back.  We see simultaneous beatings of Sam by the Leprechaun and Dean from the homeless man while still in jail.  Sam eventually spills salt, which causes the Leprechaun to have to stop fighting to count the granules.  This gives Sam time to read the spell and send them all back to fairyland.

We finish with Sam and Dean, pondering why Sam didn’t take the Leprechaun’s offer to get his soul back.  Dean isn’t sure if Sam still wants his soul back, but Sam claims it is just because no deal goes well for the brothers.  Either way, I’m really enjoying where the writers are taking new Sam, so I hope they don’t pull the plug too soon on returning his soul.  Clap Your Hands If You Believe was a very good addition to some of the new mythology that Season Six of Supernatural has introduced to us.

Quotes of the Night:  Clap Your Hands If You Believe”was loaded with quotes, such as:

“Careful, I think the Fourth Kind is the butt-kind.”  Sam, when Dean is yelling into the phone that he is having a close encounter.

“You’re the one who pizza-rolled Tinkerbell.”  Sam, after Dean explains that he cooked the attacking light that happened to look like a glowing naked lady with nipples.

Moment of the Night:  The Leprechaun revealed that he may know how to get Sam’s soul back, which is huge for the mythology of the show.  This may mean that other non-Angel and non-Demon creatures have figured out tricks typically associated with the Angels and Demons of SUPERNATURAL.

Episode Written by Ben Edlund

Episode Directed by John Showalter

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