Philadelphia is teeming with musicians, from singer/songwriters, to composers to punk-rock and funk bands.  The Philly music scene possesses an intimacy that comes from the knowledge that creativity knows no bounds, and that some music can stop you in your tracks and make you turn around to listen in a crowded room.  Not only is Philadelphia a thriving metropolis of musicians, but it’s especially home to singer/songwriters.  If you’re on the prowl for some truly unique artists, here is a list of some of the best in Philly:

Amos Lee:

A fixture in the Philadelphia music scene, Amos Lee’s brand of well-crafted pop/rock is a mix between the blue notes of jazz and the seductiveness of soul, with a hint of a southern twang.  Lee’s simple yet intricate guitar work and bluesy voice go hand in hand; it seems he was almost born to sing this kind of music.  The song “Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight” is particularly noteworthy; its melody is the perfect accompaniment to its already powerful words.  After the release of his self-titled debut album, Rolling Stone named Lee one of “top ten artists to watch”. (

Carsie Blanton:

A rare talent among modern pop artists, Carsie Blanton usually performs with just an acoustic guitar, but that’s all she needs to make her tunes come to life and sweep audiences off their feet.  Drawing inspiration from folk and jazz greats such as Patty Griffin and Nina Simone, Blanton has a particularly keen sense of how to convey personal stories and through upbeat guitar riffs and clever, image-heavy lyrics.  Her inter-song small-talk on stage is always charming, and her performances will have you time-warp back to the days of vintage folk. (

Laura Shay:

Not often do you see a songwriter create such an intimacy on stage, but when they do, it’s an honor to share in that conveyance of emotion through music.  Laura Shay’s songs are incredibly pure, insightful and introspective stories about the beautiful and heartbreaking aspects of life.  Her stage presence never fails to captivate, and she has been known to incorporate instruments such as violin, glockenspiel and trumpet into her live performances. (

Jim Boggia:

Inspired heavily by 60s and 70s classic rock, Jim Boggia is one of those songwriters that can convey emotions so well with just the tone of his singing voice.  He sings as though the melody says more than the words.  Although his love for groups like Simon and Garfunkel, the Beatles and the Beach Boys are clearly present in his music, his own stylistic voice prevails.  Covers of Beatles hits “Maybe I’m Amazed” and “Penny Lane” are sometimes woven into his performances, which are truly a delight to hear. (

Chris Bruni:

Bruni’s folk and soul-influenced rock is a breath of fresh air.  His songs are anywhere from rock-oriented to mellow and balladic, somewhere between David Gray and Bob Dylan.  Usually accompanied by a three-piece band, Bruni performs with the utmost passion and musical sincerity.  He has a few hit-single kind of songs that seem to instantly resonate, one of which, “Watch Me Burn”, the title track of his debut album, was chosen as the best song of 2007 by Radio Volta. (

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