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Alone for the Holidays: 7 Ways to Beat the Blues

Being alone for the holidays can hurt.

Millions of people dread the approaching holidays.  When you’re alone, this time of year can be excruciating to get through.  Whether you find yourself alone because of a recent move, break-up, death of a loved one, or a family falling apart – it just plain hurts. 

7 Ways You Can Beat the Blues This Holiday Season:


1)      Make Your Own Family – Find other people who are alone and celebrate together.  This is sometimes easier than it sounds, because most people won’t share that they have nowhere to go for the holidays.  You must take charge, and let it be known to friends and coworkers that you are hosting a celebration and welcome anyone who wants to join.  A holiday with a family you’ve created may turn out to be more fun and memorable than one with your own relations.

2)      Help Someone – When you feel completely alone, sometimes the best way to feel better is to help someone else.  You can become a volunteer with an organization that truly makes a difference. It is important to research them before you commit, in order to avoid holiday organizations that enable rather than help people.  Pick a cause you believe in, and feel good about changing the lives of others. *  Not sure where to look?  Try Google and type “Volunteer (Name of Holiday) in (Name of City). 

3)      Have an Anti-Holiday – Sometimes it is the holiday itself that’s the problem, and you are not alone in feeling this way.  Host a gathering that has nothing to do with the holiday.  Instead of a traditional holiday dinner, why not pick a country and try out new recipes from that country, or have a game night where holiday talk is forbidden, or (if you really dislike the holiday) have an anti-holiday celebration.  An example of this is Festivus, which was made popular by the show Seinfeld.

Festivus for the rest of us!

4)      Spend It With a Group – You are not the only one alone for the holidays, so why not spend it with a group of people who have similar interests?  It could be a singles group, a church group, a group that enjoys the outdoors, or a group that centers around your favorite hobby.  Being with people who enjoy what you enjoy is a fun way to pass the holidays, and a great way to meet friends.

5)      Spoil Yourself – This is your chance to do anything and indulge in anything you want!  You are important, and you deserve to spoil yourself a little this season.  Eat the best chocolate, drink expensive wine, or buy that guitar and start plucking away.  Word of advice – don’t overdo it.  You don’t want to still be paying for it months or even years afterwards, trust me.

6)      Take the Holiday Shift – Maybe you are in need of a little extra cash, or you know a coworker who needs the day off but is being forced to work.  Either way, you can make good money working on holidays.  Working can also help it seem like any other day; making it feel less significant.  (Important note – this is only helpful if you WANT to work on the holiday.  Playing the martyr will only fan the fires of discontent.)

7)      Join Another Family – Have you ever wondered what other families do for the holidays; what traditions and beliefs they observe?  Here is a perfect opportunity to ask if you could join someone else’s family for their holiday celebration.  Many people would welcome the opportunity to share their home and traditions with another.  Take advantage of the fact you are only one and can easily be added to any guest list.

We all know that the holidays are “just another day”, but you have the power to make it the kind of day you want.

 *  Feel free to share your experiences or add suggestions that have worked for you.