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Outdoorsy types are the last ones you’d expect to be in a mall on Black Friday. These are people who laugh at danger and eat MREs for fun, right? What do they want with a mall?

Well, I consider myself an active, sporty type, but I’m also a dedicated bargain hunter. Obviously, since Black Friday is the Mecca of all deal-chasing opportunities, I have no choice but to roll up my sleeves and hit the stores, along with millions of my closest friends. (Plus, I like to imagine the bragging rights I’ll have on the next camping trip – “You think my tent is awesome? Yeah, I got it for $5!” Ooooohs and ahhhhhhs ensue.)

Without further ado, here’s a roundup of the best outdoor and sport-centric deals I could find – happy shopping!

  • Sierra Trading Post – This online retailer is known having insane deals year-round, but try them out on Black Friday and you’ll never buy an organically engineered micro-fiber fleece with proven wildebeest-stopping powers anywhere else. As an added bonus, you don’t even have to leave your couch to get these online Black Friday deals – usually complete with free shipping.
  • REI – Another favorite of the Wild Blue Yonder devotees, the REI winter sale is the time to buy everything frei black friday sports deals salesrom skiing and snowboarding gear to snowshoes, kayaks to bike racks,  or sleeping bags to stylishly rugged apparel. Plus, while they do have a few Black Friday deals (free gift cards for the first 150 in every store, for example) many of their sales will continue for at least a few days to give the less impetuous amongst us time to decide between sweet North Face backpacks and new camp stoves.
  • Bass Pro Shops – If it’s covered in camo and generally awesome, Bass Pro has it. If you show up for the first five hours of Black Friday, they have it for 50% off. Need I say more? If you’re planning to sit in a duck blind at 5 am anyway, then it’s no trouble to buy one at 5 am. Prove yourself.
  • Sports Authority and Sport Chalet – If you’re less of a woodsy type and more of a basketball court type – don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten you. Great doorbusters mark both of these retailers as must-stop Black Friday destinations – plus, one of the best things about both of these sports shops is that with their wide selection, even if you’ve got all the gear you need, Black Friday gives you an excuse to buy more. GPS, running shoes, watches, workout equipment, plus fun stuff like those NFL team jerseys and sweatshirts which are prohibitively expensive most of the time. Well, buy them on Black Friday and you can even afford to get one for a friend.
  • Huntington Surf and Sport and Killer Dana Surf Shop – If you live here in SoCal, you’re either a surfer or you dress like one. Either way, both of these local retailers have you covered with a rumored 20-50% off of everything this Black Friday. That means whether you’re buying a wetsuit or just a Quiksilver t-shirt, you’ll get a great deal. (And look awesome. Obvy.)
  • Golfsmith – Does your sportiness manifest itself on a manicured lawn? Well, we don’t look down on you for it, and neither do the gods of Black Friday. Every year, Golfsmith has done an incredible Black Friday offer where if you spend more you save more. (Something like $50 off of a $200 purchase). That’s no small change, and more than worth getting up early for a chance at a new driver or sweet Nike golf apparel.
  • Road Runner Sports – Road Runner is the place to get running gear, right? We’ve all bought cheap running shoes at Marshalls and desperately wanted to lie that we had them custom-outfitted at Road Runner. Now, fellow pavement-pounders, you can. Road Runner is boasting deals of up to 30% off on shoes, apparel and accessories for Black Friday, and you do not want to be That Guy at the gym for another year. Go get you some real shoes.

C’mon sportsmen, adventurers, men and women of the running trail, the workout room, the perfect wave and the snowy slope – there’s a new frontier to conquer. On to bargains, deals and Black Friday!

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