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Black Friday: My Philadelphia Sports Holiday Shopping List


With Black Friday coming up, everyone is gearing up to get that early shopping done.  What I’m looking to get for the holidays are not gifts that can be picked up at 5AM from Best Buy, Target, or Wal-Mart.  I’ve compiled my list for Santa (or in my case Hanukkah Harry).  It’s everything I want for my Philadelphia sports teams and my enjoyment watching them.

A Right-handed Bat and a Left-handed Reliever —   With the eminent departure of Jayson Werth, there is a Santa belly-sized hole in the middle of the Phillies lineup.  I think Dom Brown is going player, but I’m not sure that he is totally ready.  Even if he is, there is not a right-hander in the lineup to fear.  Werth certainly was inconsistent and as hot and cold as they come, but he produced.  If Jimmy Rollins is the answer to protect Howard, he needs to stay healthy and hit more consistently too.  I would feel more comfortable with a proven bat and I would love Werth back.  If Werth can’t be brought back, I would certainly take an Upton (B.J. or Justin).  Just not Jeff Francoeur or Jermaine Dye.  The lefty reliever is a little easier answer.  The Phils saw in the NLCS how important and how effective great left-handers in the pen can be.  There are a good handful of relievers out there, and I’m pretty sure they will land one.

Comcast Sportsnet – This one is for me and the thousands of satellite customers in the Philadelphia area.  I have my big screen TV, well pretty big and I just want to easily watch my teams … Is that too much to ask?!!  I posted about this issue before and there is just is no answer or resolution in sight.  Rebel against Comcast!  Reach out to your local lawmakers if you are in the same boat as I am. 

Trade Iguodala (and Elton Brand) – So look I think the other A.I. (Andre Iguodala) and Elton Brand are good guys and a good players, but they do not fit on this Sixer team.  In the NBA, if you don’t have a superstar, you can’t win.  It’s that simple.  Iggy needs to be a second option on a good team or a third option on a great team.  This team is full of young gunners and Brand just doesn’t fit here.  They need an athletic run and gun power forward and Brand at this point is just not that guy and maybe never was.  The 2 of them are taking up way too much cap space on a team that needs a lot of help.  Hopefully the Sixers will get lucky in the lottery again this year, but I think they may need to let the bottom drop out this year.

A Ring, a Cup, and a Trophy – As I referenced in my last post, 5 Things I am Thankful for in Philadelphia Sports, I feel like we are in the new golden age of Philadelphia Sports.  I just want the other 3 local teams, Flyers, Eagles, and Phillies, to break through.  Right now, the Flyers are at the top of the Eastern Conference, and the Eagles sit atop the NFC East.  I could really go for another Super Bowl run in February and Stanley Cup run in May and June.  The Phillies are still the Phillies and will be right there.  Even though they are a little late for the holidays, a couple of parades down Broad Street would be pretty amazing.

A Wii – That one I just really want for myself.  That Wii sports is pretty darn fun.