Just because you nearly ate your own weight on Thanksgiving, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you won’t want free food on Black Friday. You need to keep up your strength for all that bargain hunting, after all.

Chances are, if you’re getting up at 4 am to hit the stores at 5 am, you’re going to need some coffee. If you’re in Atlanta or Dallas coffee is free at RaceTrac convenience stores. Find out where. If you’re not in Atlanta or Dallas, you’re still probably near a Burger King where you can get a free 12 oz. cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee. In New Jersey? Stop by a QuickChek for a free medium coffee.

What about food, you ask. Let’s start with a free breakfast from IKEA. Not only is it good on Black Friday, but all the way through Sunday, Novermber 28th. You get a small breakfast and a cup of coffee.

Are you a member of Sam’s Club? Stop by for a free breakfast during their members-only Day After Thanksgiving Shopping Event.

The members-only exclusive shopping event is 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 26 at all Sam’s Club locations nationwide and features the most sought-after gifts for the holidays. Sam’s Club also will serve a complimentary breakfast including hot egg sandwiches, fruit, yogurt and coffee.

And then, restaurants and stores all over the country will have plenty of specials and freebies. Here’s a sampling:

Blue Plate Restaurants are offering free breakfasts to the first 250 people in their doors in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Casey’s General Store in Des Moines, IA has a coupon for a free coffee and free breakfast piiza on their Facebook page.

The LA Times explains the free food deals at Luna Park and Henry’s Hat in Los Angeles.

In Salem, MA the 62 Restaurant is rewarding customers who shop at local small businesses with a free meal.

Finally, even if you really aren’t up to stuffing any more food into yourself, there’s always room for a Slurpee, right? Go to the Slurpee Facebook page on Friday, 11/26 and print out a coupon for a free Slurpee, which you can get at 7-11 stores. Go ahead. They’re only giving small ones away. What could it hurt?

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