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Thanksgiving 2010: CultureMob’s Guide to Turkey Day

Vintage Thanksgiving Card
Vintage Thanksgiving Card (courtesy Dave on flickr)

Thanksgiving 2010 is almost here. CultureMob staff writers have been busy writing Thanksgiving-themed articles for your reading pleasure. Here’s a roundup of all that’s been done. Surely you can find something here of interest. TV, Thanksgiving Movies, recipes, Black Friday, Detroit Lions playing football, and more.


How to Carve a Turkey (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Carving a turkey can be a stressful task. You’ve probably been drinking. Everyone is standing around waiting for you. It’s all up to you. But trust me: at the end of the day no one will care if you don’t do it perfectly. Get a few good breast slices off, get the legs off, and the rest is, well, gravy.

Best Sweet Potato Pie Recipes

Sweet potato pies are all the rage for Thanksgiving this year. Apparently pumpkin’s out, and sweet potatoes are in. Sweet potato pies aren’t that difficult to make, but if you’re going to make one from scratch, you’ll need a good sweet potato pie recipe, like this one from Alton Brown from the Food Network.

5 Best Art Books to Read While Snowed-in this Thanksgiving!

Today, at least here in Seattle, a lot of us are enjoying a snow day. There are many things you can do to take advantage of these unexpected days off, including curling up by your fireplace (or fireplace DVD) and catching up on some good books. To help prepare you for the next time you’re snowed in, here is a list of 5 incredible Art Books that are sure to stimulate your mind and warm your creative soul…

FREE for Thanksgiving Weekend 2010

While charity and generosity abound for the needy and low-income population, here are a few freebies for anyone and everyone. No red tape, just come in with the appropriate coupon or the appropriate knowledge.

Obama to Make Annual Presidential Turkey Pardon

It is confirmed! One lucky turkey gets a free pass from the chopping block and a trip to Mount Vernon [no trip to Disneyland this year] this Thanksgiving, as Barack Obama carries on the tradition of the Presidential Turkey Pardon.

The Cranberry Sauce Debate: Whole or Jellied?

Over or under? Wait, wrong debate. Still, we get almost as worked up over how we like our cranberry sauce — whole berry or quivering jelly.

A Partially Vegetarian Thanksgiving

So, what do you do when one or more of the diners around your Thanksgiving table are vegetarian or vegan while the rest are omnivores? Step it up. Sure, there are plenty of traditional side dishes to fill up on, but come on. We can do better than a plate of plain mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Gluten Free Pies for Thanksgiving

It’s a little heartbreaking to know that there are people who can get seriously ill from eating pie. What is Thanksgiving without pie? Then again, your health is pretty priceless, and for those with celiac disease or any form of gluten intolerance, the flour in a pie crust is verboten.

What’s Playing at the Movies This Thanksgiving?

The holiday seasons officially begins the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (though it unofficially begins on November 1st.) And after you’re done stuffing your face with turkey and pumpkin pie, maybe you want to catch a movie. So here is a sneak peek at some of the movies opening on Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanksgiving Cocktails

It’s a rough way to make a living, searching out the best cocktails to serve on Thanksgiving, but I do it because… oh, let’s face it, I’d do it even if I didn’t get paid.

And last but not least: Black Friday: The CultureMob Guide to Thanksgiving Shopping Madness

Here at CultureMob, we always like to blatantly jump on the Black Friday bandwagon, because we’re nothing if not opportunistic traffic junkies willing to piggyback on mass interest in going out, even if it for a Black Friday shopping trip….So here it is: our little contribution to the world of sick mass consumerism, CultureMob’s third annual “Guide to Post-Thanksgiving Shopping Madness.”


DC Film Beat: Special Thanksgiving 2010 Edition!

For this week’s column, A Very Special Thanksgiving Holiday Edition, I’m going to be your cinematic sommelier, directing you towards the movies in theaters that will best compliment your Thanksgiving-day festivities.

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday there’s Taco Tuesday

You’ve heard of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving Thursday (that one is a bit of a throwback), but none of those are quite as exciting as Taco Tuesday. Less traditional and perhaps less well-known, Taco Tuesday is just as important as the aforementioned events in the Holiday pantheon. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving, November 30th, Tonic Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant is hosting their annual Iron Taco Eating Championship.

Thanksgiving Dinner made easy: 5 great Seattle restaurants open for the Holiday

If you can’t face cooking Thanksgiving dinner for ten this year, or your preparations have been cut short by one of the many power outages this week, then dining out at a Seattle restaurant may be the answer to your problems.

Celebrate The Holidays At The Grand Illusion With ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ And ‘Bad Santa’

The Grand Illusion Cinema, “Seattle’s oldest continuously running movie theater”, nestled in a former dentist’s office in the University District, is a unique landmark in the city’s film community. And in keeping with that distinctive style, it offers a pair of traditional ways to celebrate the holidays through film.

5 Things to be Thankful for in Philadelphia Sports

As this Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we are encouraged to review our lives and see what we are thankful for. At the top of my mind are the upcoming plates full of turkey and stuffing, but as I delve deeper, I have found 5 things that I’m grateful for in Philadelphia sports.

A Guide to the 2010 Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade

Christmas decorations may be sprouting up everywhere, but Thanksgiving is still around the corner (and it’s not too late to make celebratory plans). One not-to-be-missed event is the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade, sponsored by Channel 6abc and IKEA, which is the nation’s oldest Thanksgiving day parade.

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving: Orange County Volunteer Opportunities

Everyone has their own reasons for being thankful each year. Thanks for a special person in their life; thanks for family, for friends; for hearth, and home, and a healthy meal. In the spirit of all this gratitude, here are a few opportunities for someone to be thankful to you.

Affordable Alternative Thanksgiving Day Dining at Washington, DC Area’s Select Restaurants: Tandoori Turkey, Chicken, Quail, Duck, and More!

As with the Corean Chuseok, the U.S.’s Thanksgiving is the autumn harvest festival, which is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November—November 25 in 2010. Traditionally, Thanksgiving had been a holiday to show appreciation to God, family, and friends for blessings of bountiful harvest, material possessions, and relationships. Today, the holiday has become more secular but still serves as the largest annual family gathering of the year, …

Consider Catering Your Thanksgiving Dinner: 6 LA Restaurants That Offer Thanksgiving To Go

Perhaps you’re short on time. Perhaps you’re domestically impaired. Maybe you just want to relax and watch the game or maybe you want to fool your guests into thinking you’re a wunderkind in the kitchen. No matter what your excuse is — no judgements here, I promise — you don’t have to slave away in the kitchen to prepare a hearty Thanksgiving meal. Some of the best restaurants in LA are at your service offering special Thanksgiving catering menus.

Free Thanksgiving Dinner at The Laugh Factory Los Angeles

The Laugh Factory serves over 2000 free Turkey Dinners to struggling actors, comics, writers, and anyone who doesn’t want to be alone on the holiday. The free Thanksgiving Dinner at The Laugh Factory is possibly slightly different from what many Los Angeles transplants are accustomed. Still, the idea of spending the day laughing with good people while giving thanks just seems right.

Thanksgiving Dinners in Denver

If you hate to spend the day in the kitchen, or you are hankering for the taste of someone else’s cooking, here is a list of affordable restaurants offering a traditional holiday meal on Thanksgiving Day. On the other hand, if you love to have your family gathered in your home but don’t enjoy the cooking part, I’ve also included a list of Take-Out Thanksgiving meals at reasonable prices.