These five might be movies you once overlooked, or have forgotten to make part of your annual Thanksgiving tradition. Just because they may have been overlooked does not mean they aren’t worth watching. They are all untraditional and very funny. So, without further ado, here is the list of your new holiday favorites. The order is purely bogus.

The Ref

    Dennis Leary plays a burglar named Gus, who takes a couple hostage after a narrow escape from the police. While waiting for his lackluster partner to come through, Gus finds himself wishing he’d never met the couple, played by Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis. They are more worried about destroying each other emotionally than they are about being taken hostage on the night of their big Christmas Dinner. Since people are already on their way, Gus decides it will be safer to just go ahead with the dinner and pretend to be a guest, their marriage counselor actually. Comic confusion and snappy dialogue ensue. This sardonic comedy will keep you laughing while realizing your ruined holiday parties have never been this bad!


Once upon a time, a human boy was raised by elves, named Buddy, and believed he too was an elf. Until as time went by, the boy became spatially challenged and was unsuccessful at typical elf tasks. Finally, it was time for Buddy’s elf father, played by Bob Hope, to come clean. When Buddy, played by Will Ferrell, finds out he is actually human he sets off to find his real father in New York City. Keeping in mind, that Buddy still dresses and behaves like an elf. This movie is the sweetest funny Christmas movie ever. Will Ferrell is genius as the starry-eyed childish man-elf and James Caan is amusing as his frustrated uptight human father. Much like a little child, everything is seen from a different perspective in Buddy’s eyes.

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Starring two comic legends, Steve Martin and John Candy it’s no surprise this movie stands out as one of the funnier holiday comedies of all time. Neal, played by Martin, and Del, played by Candy start out as strangers stranded in a crowded airport during the holidays. Fate steps in to make them roommates and then traveling companions. Martin plays an uptight businessman to Candy’s friendly salesman, and it is not a good combination. The series of mistakes, misunderstandings, and accidents that befall these two are nothing less than ‘hardly able to breathe’ hilarity.

Just Friends

Starring Ryan Reynolds as former humiliated fat kid turned hot successful thirty something this movie reminds some of us why going home is worse than dental surgery. Chris Brander, played by Reynolds, once adored a girl, named Jamie, but was publically mortified by her desire to stay “just friends” on the last day of high school. Finding himself present day, stranded in his hometown over the holidays he decides to find her and show her how well he has done for himself. This turns out to be a far more difficult task than he thought it would be and as he obsesses over it he just makes everything worse. The stress of the holidays and being home doesn’t make anything better. In the end, however, he gets in touch with a better version of himself and smoothes things out.

Home for the Holidays

Directed by Jodie Foster this movie has a cast full of wonderful actors. Holly Hunter plays the main character, Claudia and has a lot of bad news dumped on her right before she is supposed to go home to her dysfunctional family for Christmas. Her parents played by Anne Bancroft and Charles Durning have the family festivities well underway when she arrives. Weighed down by knowing she just lost her job and that her daughter, played by Claire Danes, is staying home to lose her virginity to her boyfriend, Claudia has to deal with her brother, played by Robert Downey Jr., whose homosexuality is ignored, and her martyr sister. The bickering and blaming continues throughout the meal. Foster does a great job balancing real family issues with humor.  

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