Time for some doorbusting!

There are a few questions most of us tend to ask about Black Friday, day-after- Thanksgiving sales: Wal-Mart or Target? LCD or plasma? 40 inch or 90 inch? Sony or Visio? Blackberry or i-Phone? Have I really overdone my turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes intake this year, to the extent that I should probably give the old gravy basket some time to digest the remnants of my Thanksgiving feast? Should I stay up all night, camp out in the mall parking lot or wake up at 3 am while still in said turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes coma and drive myself over to compete with five-thousand similarly maligned compatriots pursuing the last plasma-thin fibers of the American dream?… Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Whatever one decides, we can all agree that Black Friday is the time to snatch up that special item we have all been way too reluctant/cheap to buy during the other 364 days of the year. Perhaps the two best/most ubiquitous places on Earth to do such snatching on Black Friday are at Wal-Mart and Target.

Target will once again be offering its renowned “Doorbuster” savings for a 2-day, riot-inducing megasale. The frenzy commences at 4am, Black Friday morning. Choose from among a bevy of electronics, small appliances, furniture and children’s toys at Target’s lowest prices ever. Save over $250 on a Westinghouse 40″ LCD HDTV. Save over $60 on Nikon S205 digital camera. And purchase a Boost Mobile No-Contact phone for just $39.99. Target will also be giving away free $10 gift cards when you spend $100 or more in the store.

As for that other little known department store chain, Wal-Mart, old Sam-boy Walton will be luring customers on Black Friday and throughout Thanksgiving weekend by matching competitors’ prices. That’s right, however low another’s store’s SUPERSALE chooses to go, Wal-Mart will give you the same price for an identical item. Just bring in the competitors’ ads and present them at the register, (though the offer does not apply for online purchases). Most Wal-Mart’s doors will be opening at exactly midnight on Black Friday, so get there early to take advantage of the store’s most popular items. 

Wal-Mart is also offering 150 online-only specials on Thanksgiving Day, as well as other “Black Friday” specials on electronics, home and apparel and other items in stores throughout the rest of Thanksgiving weekend.

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