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Furt Recap: Just the Way Glee Is


First, sorry I missed my Glee recap last week! The episode was lackluster at best, with very few bright points (the lowest point was when Will slept with Teri, YUCK!). However, last night’s episode “Furt” was Glee at its very best. It was touching, lovely, and it had Carol Burnett (a much better guest star than Gwyneth Paltrow). It doesn’t get much better than that.

Carol Burnett as Sue's Mom. Photo from Glee's Facebook Page

The episode beings with Burt and Carol coming up to Finn and Kurt and announcing their engagement. So exciting! Their faces are so adorable and they are so in love, so watching their excitement about their engagement is just like watching pure happiness. The happy couple hire Kurt as their wedding planner and he, in turn, hires New Directions as the wedding band. It’s a glee wedding! And you know what, we couldn’t be happier (even if Finn isn’t so excited)! Let the festivities begin!

But first, we head over to Principal Sue’s office (which happened last week, if you missed it), and she announces she is getting married to herself. Because when she tried online dating, the only match for Sue was Sue. Hilarious. Next, we see the boys in the locker room, and Sam tells Finn he is gunning to get the quarterback spot back. Finn is obviously shaken because Sam is a threat to him. Sam then proposes to Quinn… sort of. He gives her a promise ring, well he tries to. This is something that actually happens in high school because I totally wore a promise ring from my high school boyfriend. Quinn tells him that she will think about it. Poor Sam… Quinn is such a tease!

We meet up with Finn and Kurt in the hallway, discussing the wedding. Finn thinks that releasing 300 live doves will be messy. Kurt brushes this off with, “That’s why we feed them glitter.” Oh Kurt. Kurt then tells Finn that he will dance with his mother, as his big contribution during the wedding. Finn is trying to stay on top of the glee club and football, so he thinks that if he can pull off a great dance number at the wedding, people will think of him as a leader (or a “cool stud”) again. After Finn walks away, Karofsky scares the crap out of Kurt. Poor Kurt… Mr. Schue sees how scared Kurt is and takes him to Principal Sue. Sue, in a manner unlike her bully self, understands where Kurt is coming from, but cannot do anything about it. If no one saw it, it didn’t happen. Which, sadly, is the route most schools take when it comes to bullying. Although, Kurt chooses a new nickname for himself, Porcelain. Although, I would have went with “Tickle-Me Doe Face,” personally.

The girls of glee get together, except for Santana (Rachel excludes her), and they discuss what to do about Kurt and Karofsky. Rachel says their boyfriends should stand up to Karofsky to help Kurt. Quinn reminds everyone that she’s not dating Sam, just making out with him… you know, like good Christian girls do. Brittany asks Tina if when her and Artie were making out, “Did he ever just lie there?” Oh Brittany. Rachel and the girls decide that the boys should stand up to Karofsky and defend Kurt, but not with violence. I don’t feel too good about this, but at least they are trying to help Kurt out. Maybe he won’t feel so alone.

Next, we meet Sue’s mom, Doris, the famous Nazi hunter! The one and only Carol Burnett walks in and steals the show. One of her first lines to Sue’s wedding planner: “I bet people say you look manish, but you know something? I think it’s perfectly alright for a woman to be handsome.” OUCH. Now, we know why Sue is the way she is. With a mother like that, it’s amazing Sue has the self confidence she does. Doris tells “Susie” that she has caught the last Nazi and she’s home to stay now. Sue is obviously hurt by her mother disappearing for three years (and her entire life) and not paying attention to her and her sister, Jean. Doris even tells Sue that she was a “perfectly OK child.” Wow, thanks Mom. Doris tells Sue that for her wedding, she’d like to sing for her. Lucky, lucky Sue.

We come back to the glee kids, with Rachel asking Finn to stand up to Karofsky. Finn tells her no because he doesn’t want to lose his quarterback position. Way to be a man, Finn. Rachel, rightly, tells Finn she is really disappointed in him. However, we don’t have to be disappointed in Mike and Artie, who lead the charge against Karofsky in the locker room. It was so cute, although I was scared out of my mind that they were going to get hurt. Karofsky pushes Mike into Artie and Artie falls out of his chair. Puck runs to Artie’s aid, how cute! Sam then takes some swings at Karofsky and a full-blown fight breaks out that Beiste stops. The glee kids are all proud of Sam, Artie, and Mike for standing up for Kurt. Puck is upset he couldn’t join in and risk going back to juvie. Kurt is, obviously, touched by everyone’s protection. The glee kids ask Finn where he was and he says he was still out on the field, only Rachel knows he was too selfish to actually stand up for Kurt. It blows up in his face, as everyone cheers Sam as their new leader. (See Finn? Be true to yourself and your friends!)

The girls discussing Kurt. Photo from Glee's Facebook Page.

All this has happened and there hasn’t been one song yet! The first song of the evening is a duet between the Sylvesters. The dynamic duo sing “Ohio” from Wonderful Town. I have never heard this song before, but I loved that these two sang it together. Carol plays the guilt-tripping mother very well. “You don’t know how hard this was on me.”  Oh, jeez. She is even more selfish than Sue, and that’s saying something. At least Sue cares about her sister. It seems by the end of the song, Sue forgives her mother a little bit, even though it doesn’t seem like Doris the Nazi hunter deserves it. We girls can never really stay angry at our moms. Doris ruins the lovely duet by saying, “Well, that wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.” Nice.

We are back to the other, more traditional, wedding, Burt and Carol’s. Kurt is teaching Finn and Burt how to dance. Finn, still not entirely comfortable with Kurt, doesn’t want to dance with him. Karofsky walks by the choir room and makes fun of Kurt. Kurt tells his father that Karofsky has threatened to kill him, which Finn didn’t know (but it shouldn’t matter, Finn!). We all know how far Burt will go to protect Kurt. He throws Karofsky against the wall and yells at him. I love you Burt! Carol’s a lucky lady. This lands everyone in the Principal’s office where Karofsky is expelled, thanks to Sue (Way to go, Sue!). With a mother like that, I am sure Sue understands belittling and bullying more than anyone.

Next we see Finn getting ready for his mother’s wedding. Santana comes in and starts manipulating Finn. Finn tells Santana that he lied to Rachel about having sex with her, and now, Santana has leverage. Good move, Finn. She is going to tell Rachel and break you guys up. It’s never a good thing to lie to your girlfriend. They always find out! ALWAYS!

And now, the best song of the night and one of the best scenes ever for Glee. The entire club sings “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. It is simply amazing. The club is dancing down the aisle and it’s so, so much fun! It doesn’t hurt that this song is awesome. Every member of the club gets their spotlight for a second, and I love the parallels to the famous wedding dance video. And then Burt dances down the aisle! Words cannot express how adorable this scene is. Carol also dances down the aisle to her new husband and Burt meets her halfway… and it’s just so touching. Then, just in case you weren’t crying yet, they recite their own vows. Carol sums it all perfectly by saying, “We’re four people becoming a family.” Oh jeez, where are my tissues? It was just so well done. I loved it. I could watch this scene about 30 times in a row. On a side note, there’s a point in the vows where Santana actually looks like she has feelings. Can McKinley’s biggest bitch actually be lonely?

Next we’re at the wedding and Mr. Schue is singing “Sway” originally sung by Michael Buble. This version is so, so sexy… thanks Mr. Schue. I think I will put that song on repeat and for the first time in my life, I wished I was a microphone (Haha). Carol and Burt share their first dance and it’s so cute to see Burt counting and remembering his lessons from Kurt. Oh Burt, you’re such a good dad. Mr. Schue introduces Finn and he gives his best man speech to his mom and new dad and Kurt. He christens himself and Kurt “Furt.” So cute. He then leads the glee club in “Just the Way You Are” from Bruno Mars, dedicating it to Kurt. It’s Finn’s way of apologizing to Kurt for not standing up for him. It’s a very touching scene where the whole glee club sings to each other, as well as to Burt and Carol. It’s just wonderfully emotional. Finn and Kurt even start a dance. This is what Glee does the best. Songs that touch your heart because they place new meaning on them. A plus, Glee!

After these touching scenes, we are treated to another scene with Carol Burnett as Doris. Sue walks in in her tracksuit wedding dress for her wedding rehearsal. So hilarious. She then goes through her rehearsal where Sue does everything, except for carry the rings. That’s Jean’s job. Doris, rightly, says, “This is insane.” Insanely awesome. Only Sue could pull this off seriously. But what’s Doris’s real problem with the wedding? Her song will be pushed to the back! It’s her daughter’s wedding, so why isn’t she in the spotlight? Sue tells her mother that she is a bully and always has been, and then un-invites her mother to her wedding. It’s too little, too late for Sue and Jean. Better off without her, I say! Jean tells her sister that she looks beautiful. A touching end to a tough scene.

Back to reality after the weddings, the school board is allowing Karofsky back into the school. Sue resigns as principal in protest, so she can keep an eye on Kurt in the hallway. And the episode ends with Kurt telling New Directions that he is transferring to Dalton! Whaaaaaaaaaat? The Hummels are using their honeymoon money to pay for the tuition to the private school. New Directions is, obviously, very upset. Puck offers to form a Kurt secret service. Kurt isn’t swayed because Dalton’s zero tolerance bullying program.

So sectionals is next week and we don’t have Kurt! What does the future hold for Kurt? For the New Directions? We will have to see. All in all, a wonderful wedding episode with a sad ending. Although, I am sure Kurt will be back at McKinley before regionals!