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Tangled 3D – Mandy Moore & Disney Bring New Life to Rapunzel


For its 50th animated feature, Disney gives us Tangled 3D. They have taken the fairytale of Rapunzel and given it an updated storyline and a new 3D look. Mandy Moore gives Princess Rapunzel her adorable voice and vulnerability, while Zachary Levi (of NBC’s Chuck fame) gives our handsome, thief turned hero, his daring charm.

In an opening day with the most girls I’ve seen, in one theater, since Sex in the City 2, Tangled 3D was a big hit with the kids and parents alike.

With unfailing Disney beauty this animated feature will take your breath away. Rapunzel’s hair is shimmering, gorgeous, and useful too. The characters are so full of life, if they weren’t so perfect you’d find yourself forgetting they were animated. And animals, oh my, the animals! Rapunzel has a pet chameleon, and as only Disney could accomplish, he makes the best darn little sidekick imaginable (and marketable too, I’ll bet!), and the horse, Maximus, is just plain hysterical.

It isn’t a Disney fairytale without sweet songs like “When Will My Life Begin?” and “I See the Light” touching your heartstrings, and the great villain songs to make you laugh. In a song called “Mother Knows Best”, our villainess sings the lyrics “skip the drama, stick with mama.” In another great villain ditty, a group of malcontents sing a song called “I’ve Got a Dream“, which, among other great lyrics, has this line; “though I’m one disgusting blighter, I’m a lover not a fighter.” Kind of gets you right there, huh?

With all the best qualities needed for an entertaining fairytale, Tangled 3D comes highly recommended and not just by me… there was actual applause from the pinkest sparkliest audience to date!

See clips and more at the official site here: Disney’s Tangled 3D.