The baseline cut is the key to a perfect turkey carving.
Carving a turkey can be a stressful task. You’ve probably been drinking. Everyone is standing around waiting for you. It’s all up to you. But trust me: at the end of the day no one will care if you don’t do it perfectly. Get a few good breast slices off, get the legs off, and the rest is, well, gravy.

But to really do it right, I recommend watching at least one of the videos below. The basic steps are:

1. Have a sharp knife. Better yet, get an electric knife. An electric knife makes it all way easier.

2. Slice down through the skin that holds the thigh quarters next to the breast and then pull it down until the socket snaps. Finish slicing through and pull the thigh and leg off.

3. Slice the legs from the thighs.

4. Make a baseline cut horizontally just above the wing joint inwards toward the rib and trace a line right up along the wishbone.

5. Carve downward on the breast to your baseline cut. Keep them thin.

The Alton Brown video below is entertaining, but the Butterball video is probably the easiest to follow. The techniques are about the same.

Questions? Call 1-800-Butterball.

Alton Brown carves a turkey


Butterball shows you how to carve a turkey


Food How to Carve a Turkey (It’s Easier Than You Think)