Yay!  It’s Thanksgiving … all the Turkey and the stuffing and the horrible NFL football.  Is it just me or have Thanksgiving day games over the last decade been absolutely awful.  The Lions get blown out, the Cowboys blow somebody out (not this year) and now they added an NFL network game at 8PM and we’re all so stuffed that we’re asleep by halftime dreaming of what we’re going to buy Black Friday.  OK NFL, here are my suggestions on how to fix it.

Lions and Cowboys are no longer mainstays.  The hapless Lions have certainly been have the problem.  Nothing like watching a team go winless for the year (or seemingly going for winless) play on national TV.  If they can’t get it together, they’re out.  The Cowboys do have a national draw, and being an Eagle fan, I at least watch to hope that they lose.  I’m all for tradition though, but I think now is the time to let it go.  With the Cowboys at 7 losses and the Lions are improving, but still the Lions, let’s get some better competition in there.

Rivalry Games.  There is not much better than college football’s Rivalry Weekend.  Why not make Thanksgiving weekend a rivalry weekend for the NFL?  If I have to watch the Cowboys, why not put them up against an NFC East rival?  I would love to see the Eagles do battle with the ‘Boys on Thanksgiving, but even if that can’t happen, an NFC East battle will keep me interested.  Cowboys and Redskins would be kind of ironic for Thanksgiving.  Then you could continue it through the rest of the weekend and make the weekend on big NFL event.  The NFL is pretty good at those events.  The added benefit of in division games is normally they remain pretty competitive and even see many of the upsets in the league. 

Super Bowl Rematch for the Night Cap or Revenge Games.  With the upcoming 18 game schedule, the league will have a little more scheduling flexibility.  Why not have a Super Bowl rematch be the late game?  That game would most likely drive a lot of national attention.  That would give you to rivalry games at 12:30 and 4:00, and then a late game with your current trophy holder.  If they don’t want to add the extra inter-conference game, they could do rematches of the NFC and AFC championships.  Perennial rivals, the Colts and the Patriots,  just played on Sunday night football last weekend.  I’m sure the NFL would love to have them on their network, playing when every one is watching. 

Now go and enjoy your turkeys.  Oh and enjoy your dinners, too.

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