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Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving


Looking for a restaurant that’s open for Thanksgiving? The simplest method is to drive around without a plan until you end up at a fast food restaurant. That’s what I like to do. A MUCH better method to find restaurants open on Thanksgiving is to go to Open Table’s convenient “Thanksgiving Specials Across the US” page and look for something in your city.

According to the site, chefs across the US are creating special menus ranging from traditional to innovative. It’s actually pretty amazing how many restaurants are open, except for the fact that cooking a full Thanksgiving meal is a lot of work, so going to an open restaurant is far easier. Plus, it gives you more time to plan out your Black Friday shopping, which of course has now become the key cultural activity for Americans around Thanksgiving.

If you decide to go, buffets will be a common theme because it makes it far simpler for the restaurant to serve people.

And here’s a gratuitous YouTube video with a Thanksgiving restaurant theme: