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If you are a Pink Floyd fan, then you are familiar with the original The Wall Tour in 1980.  I was thrilled to see it live, 30 years later in Denver, CO.  It exceeded all my expectations.  Roger Waters made the story of a struggling musician into a story that touches upon relevant issues today. 

The concert begins with amazing pyrotechnic show that climaxes with an airplane crashing into a partially built wall. If you know about this tour, than you know about the immense wall built as the concert progresses eventually covering the whole stage and separating the band from the audience.  On this new tour, they use the Wall as a screen as well.  After the plane explodes into a fireball, pictures of heroes from different wars show up on the remaining bricks of the Wall, starting with Waters’ own father. Very powerful! Then the Wall slowly begins to rebuild itself…

The Wall Live Concert

The passion and pain in the music is heart wrenching.  Even though the lyrics are powerful, it is the pain in Waters’ voice that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.  You feel the pain of the breakup from his wife, the struggle with sanity, and the hopelessness as he sings, “Goodbye, cruel world, I’m leaving you today.” He is older now, and has used that pain to become an advocate for peace.

Although the music remains the same, Waters addresses war, poverty, and starvation around the world with images on the screen.  At the intermission, pictures and stories honoring fallen soldiers are continuously displayed.  You can’t help being deeply moved. 

The overall theme has changed into a message of hope.  To the chorus, “We don’t need no education” a huge, grotesque, teacher puppet intimidates but is eventually scared away by a group of children.  This differs greatly from the original, where the children were ground up into sausage.

The pig floats above the crowd.

At one point a giant pig floats above the audience.  It has many messages written on it, but the one that caught my attention was the phrase, “Everything is okay, just keep consuming.”  I have heard that line before – I believe it was from my government.  Roger Waters has a bigger purpose behind this concert.  He is out to open eyes and incite a response from the audience about social and political issues. 

The Wall Live is not just a concert; it is an experience of the senses, mind, and spirit.  Long after the show ends, you will be contemplating your own role in “The Wall”.

2010 Concert Dates and Locations

2010-11-23  – Denver, CO
2010-11-26 – Las Vegas, NA
2010-11-27 – Phoenix, AZ
2010-11-29 – Los Angeles, CA
2010-11-30 – Los Angeles, CA
2010-12-03 – Oakland, CA
2010-12-05 – Los Angeles, CA
2010-12-07 – San Jose, CA
2010-12-08 –  San Jose, CA
2010-12-10 – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
2010-12-11 – Tacoma, WA
2010-12-13 – Anaheim, CA
2010-12-14 – Anaheim, CA
2010-12-18 – Mexico City, Mexico
2010-12-19 – Mexico City, Mexico
2010-12-21 – Mexico City, Mexico

* For a complete list of remaining tours in the year 2011, click here.

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