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Table Placement Settings for Thanksgiving


I’m usually stuck at the kids’ table on Thanksgiving, where I like to put my Thanksgiving cocktail in a tippy cup. But if you’re setting the adult table for Thanksgiving dinner, then here are some basic table placement setting guidelines:

1. A basic place setting consists of a dinner plate, fork, knife, spoon, glass and napkin.

2. The fork goes on the left hand side of the plate and the knife goes on the on the right with the blade facing the plate. The spoon is on the right of the knife.

3. If you use a bread and butter plate and knife, put them above the fork with the butter knife on the bread plate.

4. Formal setting generally mean more glasses. The smaller glasses go closest to the front. According to

Some place settings can have up to five glasses. The smaller glasses go closest to the front. Water goblets go above the knives and champagne, red wine, white wine and sherry glasses follow in order from left to right. has a great image of what place settings look like (great article, too!):