Be considerate to your weight scale. Shed those pounds added from feasting on Thanksgiving turkey.

Thanksgiving is a time to feast on good food with family.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a period of excess with Americans on average packing on about 5 pounds during this 4 week period.  Instead of wallowing in weight gain or waiting to make New Year’s Resolutions, why not make “light” of the situation and consider ten ways to lose weight gained from feasting during Thanksgiving.

1. Black Friday Shopping… for donuts!

2. Greet your family and friends with chest bumps… with stomach or butt if necessary.

3. Jump up and down on the bed instead of a trampoline.

4. Run down stairs/driveway on the way… to buy more donuts.

5. Watch a marathon of your favorite comedies to work the abs and facial muscles through laughter.

6. Use the remote control for leg curls.

7. Meditate… on what kind of donut to have next.

8. Breathe a few extra times in an attempt to increase basal metabolism.

9. Fasting… until the next donut.

10. Come up with your own tenth weight-loss idea by adding one in the comments section below… thinking really burns calories.

Culture Top Ten Ways to “Lose” Weight Gained from Thanksgiving Feast