Burlesque is a fabulous new musical movie that opened November 24, 2010 and is sure to wow audiences all through the holiday season.

Starring in her first performance as an actress, Christina Aguilera shares the screen with Cher among many otherfamiliar faces. This is also a big screen first for the actor turned writer/director, Steve Antin. He must have gotten a taste for glam when he directed the Pussycat Dolls video “Sway.” Sony pictures were not fools to give him this opportunity.

If you like torch singers, you probably already know that Christina can sing, so this role was perfect for her and it made her shine. Her acting was surprisingly good as well. She really makes you believe in her passion for being on stage, but without being Christina Aguilera on screen. Instead, she was very believable as Ali from Iowa.

Yes, Cher is in this movie too, and her acting, as usual, is far better than her singing. Not to say the singing was bad, if you like Cher, but it was very Cher-like. She has some of the best lines in the movie though. She just tosses out lines like “I didn’t divorce you to spend more time with you!” better than May West ever could. Many other familiar faces are on the cast as well. Among my favorites is Stanley Tucci, who plays a butched-up version of the role he played in The Devil Wears Prada. Also, Eric Dane plays, well McSteamy, just not as a doctor this time. The young bartender Jack is played by Cam Gigandet of the Twilight franchise. With a small role that can’t be ignored mostly because it’s deliciously camp, is Alan Cummings, who played one of my favorite X-Men ever, Nightcrawler.  You will recognize many of the beautiful dancers, as well.

Burlesque has the sexiest costumes and routines without ever being vulgar which is not so common to find. Speaking of sexy, it has one of the best sex scenes ever made, adorable and hot, while we see nothing too intimate, but it will still make your toes curl.

The Burlesque Lounge, where most of the scenes are shot, has an otherworldly vibe that feels like a fantasy. The sets have exquisite detailing giving it a rich texture without making it feel like a dirty strip club. Burlesque Lounge is certainly not a strip club either; it’s a show club. The type of club that makes you think of Old Hollywood style.

To quote one of the big song numbers this movie is ‘glam sugar spice delight’ don’t miss it!

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