Brian Urlacher by Jauerback (CC-BY-SA-3.0), via Wikimedia Commons

So, it’s now one of the biggest game of the year.  You’ve won 3 games in a row, beaten two division opponents and the Colts, who you had never beaten under Andy Reid.  You’re now in first place in the NFC East and playing the Chicago Bears, who sit at the same 7-3 record that you sit at, in Chicago at Soldier Field.  It’s a game worthy of John Facenda.  Taking the temperature of Eagles fans around me, what do I feel?  Feverish?  Nope.  Lukewarm.  Tepid, at best.

The Eagles have certainly vaunted themselves near the top of the NFC.  The cream of the NFC now seems to include the Eagles, the Giants, the Falcons, the Packers, and the Saints — two of whom (Giants and Falcons) the Eagles dominated and the Packers narrowly beat the Eagles in week 1, which included a tremendous comeback by Michael Vick.  I have made my opinions of Vick’s character widely know here, but his play is another story.  In my opinion, he stands atop of the candidates for MVP of the NFL.  However, I’m looking for the hype and I can’t find it.

It appears that these 3 victories in a row have led to a somewhat dismissive attitude towards Eagle opponents.  I have heard more than one caller on WIP and the Fanatic (local sports-talk radio), mention the Eagles making a trip to Dallas in February.  That would be for the Super Bowl for those of you who don’t know.  The Eagles certainly are a contender as a mentioned earlier, but the view is still quite murky.  This year reminds me of the year where the Patriots waltzed in to the Bowl against the Giants and epically lost.  The team in the NFC that gets hot this year is going to ride the train to the Super Bowl.

The Bears really haven’t beat anyone this year, but they are by no means a push over.  Cutler can be a turnover machine, but has played well enough to win and has some weapons on offense.  Forte is a solid RB, Knox and Hester are blazers, and the Eagles always have trouble with TEs and Olsen is a great one.  Plus, that Bears defense is once again the strength of the team (as it always is).  The defensive line with prize free agent Julius Peppers could once again give the Eagles trouble, just like the Giants’ line did.  Don’t forget about Urlacher and Briggs, either.  You’ll pay for it if you do.  Plus, the Eagles will be missing Asante Samuel, so Joselio Hanson will have to step in and start at corner.

This just strikes me as a really bad spot for the Eagles.  The NFL has become a league of ups and downs.  You can’t keep that high level of play and emotion up for 17 weeks of an NFL season.  After the last 3 wins, two of which against those division rivals, I can’t imagine that the Eagles will be on top of their game.  Plus, the Giants were able to expose a small chink in Vick’s armor by forcing him to the right, which prevented him from rolling out and looking down field for the big play.  The Giants were not able to capitalize, but the Bears and the rest of the league for that matter, would be fools not to follow that blueprint and make the Eagles adjust.  I’m not counting out the Eagles this week, because they have shocked with their excellent play this year.  However, I remain leveled and I am strapped in for the roller coaster.

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