So, the four-day weekend (or one week vacation for lucky students) is coming to a close. With extra time on hand, movie fans made box office magic this weekend, casting Harry Potter with 50.3 million in the number one spot and helping Tangled tower along with Harry at 49.1 million. In third place by a tumbling distance was Megamind at 12.8 million followed by Burlesque at 11.8 million.

Love and Other Drugs and Faster also debuted this weekend, falling into 6th and 7th place respectively.

How do these movies compare to their counterparts? If you remember, Enchanted bewitched crowds in Thanksgiving 2007, rocketeering movie princess Amy Adams to star in following major feature films. Tangled in 2010 has garnered a gross exceeding Enchanted’s opening weekend. As for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1, it has beat its predecessors on it’s 10 day gross, also catching up to the Twilight saga.

In summation: (gross in millions)

  1. Harry Potter – 50.3
  2. Tangled – 40.9
  3. Megamind – 12.8
  4. Burlesque – 11.8
  5. Unstoppable – 11.7
  6. Love and Other Drugs – 9.8
  7. Faster – 8.7
  8. Due Date – 7.3
  9. The Next Three Days – 4.8
  10. Morning Glory – 4.0

Culture Box Office Results: Thanksgiving Weekend