Military Day at Philadelphia Eagles training camp by Tech. Sgt. Scott T. Sturkol (Public domain), via Wikimedia Commons

Ok, so get this.  First, I told you that we as Eagles fans were getting over-confident.  Now, I’m going to tell you don’t overreact.  Have I been coached by Andy Reid too?

The NFL is about evenflo — and I’m not talking about the Pearl Jam song.  It is almost impossible for teams nowadays to keep up that emotional level that you need to win for 17 weeks.  Plus, as the Patriots taught us a couple of years back, the regular season is just the tune-up for the playoffs (also a lesson we have learned in Philadelphia).  For the Bears, this game was a litmus test.  How good are we?  They didn’t get a lot of credit coming in, as they hadn’t beat a team with a winning record.  This win was a statement.  We can play with the big boys.  The Eagles have made that statement already.

So for the Eagles, this is a quick turnaround week, as they play again Thursday night against the Texans.  The super short week is probably a good thing.  The Eagles have traditionally struggled against the AFC and this loss will enable them to play angry.  It was also a dose of reality.  They played a great game against the Colts, an all-timer against the Redskins, and let’s be frank, they stole one against the Giants.  Great teams win games where they do not play their best.  Against the Giants, they didn’t bring their A game.  They found a fault in Vick’s game forcing him right, but the Eagles were of course still able to prevail.

The Eagles main problem is an old enemy — Red Zone offense.  I can hear a gruff voice screaming, “You’ve gotta put the ball in the endzone.”  It’s probably the voice of every Philadelphia fan.  It’s the same voices that are screaming “Shoot” while the Flyers are on the power play, “Get the bat off your shoulder” while watching the Phillies strike out, and “Oh, come on!” while watching those Sixers.  If you leave points on the board, you will regret it.  It’s as simple as that.

I’d said it before and I’ll say it again … it was a bad spot for the Eagles.  You can’t like the way they lost.  Field goals in the red zone, turnovers, bad special teams, poor tackling,  and a questionable field goal when down by 15 with less then 10 minutes to go.  They’ll learn from it.  They’ll come back and win on Thursday.  Then they get a few extra days off and we all know how Andy Reid is when he has extra time to prepare.  You know all the clichés.  I told you it was a roller coaster before.  Hold on a little tighter.

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