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The Seahawks returned to Qwest Field on Sunday after two consecutive road games and were flattened by the Kansas City Chiefs 42-24.

The game was heralded as a match-up between two division leaders, and while this technically was true only one of the teams looked the part. Seattle now finds itself sitting at 5-6 with five games left and somehow still has a chance at winning the historically woeful NFC West. This season started off looking like it was going to give the 12th Man some hope that they hadn’t seen in the past two seasons, but after loosing four out of their last five the team, management and fans have to face the reality that the Seahawks are a terrible football team.

The troublesome trends of the last month were on display in Seattle yesterday. The Chiefs came in and pounded the ball down the battered throats of what is left of the Seahawks’ defense. Jamal Charles and Thomas Jones combined for 270 yards rushing which softened up an already Downy-soft secondary, and allowed quarterback Matt Cassel to hook up with Dwayne Bowe 13 times for 173 yards and 4 touchdowns. This was yet another game where the Seahawks defense has given up video game-like numbers to their opponents.

On offense the same problems that have hamstrung the Hawks were also present. They continue to get no push on the running game, to the point where they give up even trying way too early. Marshawn Lynch was only given the ball 7 times for 20 yards yesterday. Now granted, they have struggled, but don’t you have to at least attempt to establish the run? The lack of a running attack makes them one-dimensional… and that one dimension has issues as well.

The Seahawks were without Mike Williams which left Matt Hasselbeck with few options, and resulted in some forced throws and a couple of interceptions. At one point two receivers ran into each other in a sequence which sums up the Hawks offense this season.

The Seahawks are bad and no help seems to be in sight. They have been riddled with injuries and their lack of depth has finally caught up with them. Chief’s wide receivers ran free, and Charles and Jones seemed to run over one or two defenders on each carry. It got so bad that the Hawks took a knee on the last two plays in an effort perhaps to end the misery for everyone involved.

Pete Carroll and his coaching staff have their hands full in the final month of the season. They are among the cellar dwellers on both sides of the ball, which makes winning a tough proposition. The players healthy enough to suit up need to start playing like their jobs depend on it… which they do. With a team this bad, nobody should feel safe, and each and every player has a five game audition for next year starting this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

The good from yesterday:

The special teams managed to block both a field goal and punt in the first quarter. Earl Thomas scooped up the blocked punt and scored, tying the game… for the moment. Kansas City clearly feared kicking the ball to Leon Washington, which gave the Hawks decent field position. The Special Teams have been one of the lone bright spots this season and have kept the Hawks in games.

The Bad:

The running attack. The Seahawks only attempted 10 running plays all day, as even they know there is no chance for success. This isn’t an indictment on Lynch or Justin Forsett mind you, as the blame falls on the offensive line which cannot clear a path for them. The line will need a major overhaul, yet again, if this team wants to improve.

The Ugly:

The Seahawks defense. Once again the Seahawks defense got torched, plain and simple. They were pounded with the run and weren’t even in the picture for the Chiefs passing game. The fire they played with at home at the beginning of the season has fizzled out, and they seem to have no answers. The quarterbacks of their five remaining games must be giddy with excitement to get their hands on these eleven hacks.

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