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Denver Carriage Rides: The Holiday Lights Tour 2010

Carriage rides "Holiday Lights Tour" in Denver.

Enjoy Denver’s holiday lights on a horse-drawn carriage.  It is a unique experience that can both be romantic for couples and entertaining for families or a group of friends.  Starting Nov. 26th through January 23rd, carriage rides will be available to take you on a tour of Downtown Denver to see the many lights.  The Holiday Lights tours are extremely popular, and patrons have the option of choosing from a number of routes and prices.  

Nothing beats the slow pace and melodic sounds of a carrige ride.  Snuggle up under the blanket provided, and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Denver during the holidays. While you’re downtown, you can add to the holiday cheer by visiting the 16th Street Mall , Larimer Square, or Denver’s illuminated Civic Center.

 Carriage Rides AreNot As Expensive As You Think

Carriage rides typically start after 6 PM and can cost from $65 (about a 10 block ride) to $155 (a complete tour of the lights downtown).  * The price does not include gratutiy.

It is best if you make an appointment by calling the individual carriage company to reserve the time you want.  However, if you find yourself downtown without a reservation, you can ask any carriages standing by for a Holiday Lights Tour. 

Carriage Companies servicing Downtown Denver for the holidays:

Irish Rose Carriage  Reservations  720.883.5325

Blue Moon Carriages  Reservations 303.489.7299

Calamity Carriages  Reservations 720-435-3839

D & D Featherfoot  Reservations  (303) 830-2232

Kelly Carriage  Reservations 303.903.7204

Royalty Carriages  Reservations 303.875.6528 

Denver Carriage Rides  Reservations 303.975.9448

Irish Rose Carriage lighted ride.

 *There is a special tour by Irish Rose Carriages on New Years for $75.