“We still want the support from the fans. If you don’t like the team or don’t want to support us through the good or the bad, why come out to the games? We’re already losing and then to hear it from our fans, it’s not helpful. We try to block it out.”  Redskins’ CB Carlos Rogers reacting to Washington’s 17-13 loss to the Vikings on Sunday.

“You don’t boo your team, I don’t care what happens. That’s my take on it. This is your home team, we’re out there pouring our heart out for our team and for our fans, you don’t boo your team. I don’t care what the situation is. We’re 7-4, we’re not 2-10, we’re 7-4. There’s going to be ups and downs during the course of a season, not under any circumstances should you boo your team. That’s just the reality of it.”  Giants’ safety Antrel Rolle discussing New York fans’ reaction to a 17-6 halftime deficit to the Jaguars on Sunday.

Antrel Rolle: Don't Boo Me
Antrel Rolle: Don't Boo Me

*These are sensitive times for multi-million dollar prima donnas in the NFL. Geez, can’t a quarterback getting blown out on Monday Night Football even laugh it up a bit with a teammate on the bench? Cut Arizona Cardinals’ Derek Anderson a break please. He is studying his behind off out there for seven-figures-a-year on a hapless team. Sometimes it’s best to just let your frustrations bubble over on the field as Houston Texans’ star wideout Andre Johnson did on the grill of tormenting Tennessee Titans’ cornerback Cortland Finnegan. Beat the curls out of a trash-talking foe and get fined just $25,000. The same amount that oft-fined Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebacker James Harrison received for a late hit on the Bills’ quarterback. The NFL should be known for double teams, not double standards. Wonder if Johnson’s Texans’ team wasn’t playing on the NFL-owned NFL network this Thursday night influenced that non-suspension decision just a bit? As Dennis Green once boldly proclaimed at that same desert post-game podium: “They are who we thought they were!”

Rolle’s Giants rallied back in the 2nd half to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-20 to move to 7-4 and a first-place tie with the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East. I can only imagine what those mellow New York fans were shouting several weeks ago when the reeling Dallas Cowboys came into the Jersey suburbs and blew the G-Men away in interim coach Jason Garrett’s debut. Rogers’ Redskins fell to 2-4 at home this year and 5-6 on the season. They were beaten by a 41-year old future Hall of Fame quarterback known more for scrambling away from league investigators than from opposing defenses in recent times. Barring a Todd Collins-like miracle run, the Skins’ playoff hopes are as gone as those Thanksgiving turkey legs. And with home dates remaining against upstart Tampa Bay (7-4) and these same Giants in the FedEx finale, there is a distinct possibility the Skins finish 2-6 in Landover. That mark would represent the worst home slate in your nations’ capitol since the team went winless at ol’ RFK sixteen years ago.

PIC’s PREDICTION: While the Giants suddenly look ordinary after getting drubbed by the Cowboys in the Meadowlands three weeks ago,  dogged by Michael Vick & Company in Philly two weeks ago, and manhandled for a half by a mediocre Jacksonville team on Sunday, the talent base in this game still clearly favors New York. The Redskins’ offensive line is in shambles; the G-Men have a furious pass rush (5th in the league in sacks). The Redskins can’t run the ball at all (a whopping 29 yards on 13 carries vs. the Minnesota Vikings); the Giants have the two-headed tailback tandem of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw (who has lost his starting job due to repeated fumbling). The Giants are down several star wide receivers due to injury; the Redskins’ wideouts are simply drop-happy. Mercifully, Joey Galloway has been released. He became the first NFL player ever cut at mid-season to be eligible for social security benefits.  Eli vs. Donovan is a wash. Brandon Banks pulls a groin trying to carry the lifeless DC offense on his diminutive back. G-Men dump the Burgundy & Gold for the eighth time in nine games……

New York 27,  Washington 20

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