Childish Gambino is prolific. Having dropped four albums in the past two years, with another EP on the way, he makes prolific people look useless. When you add the fact that Gambino also stars on a hit NBC show (‘Community’) and does standup comedy, it is downright criminal how active he is. I am exhausted just writing his achievements.

I featured Gambino in a previous article (5 Rappers You Need To Know), and he’s continued his tireless work ethic to give us all the new music we can handle. Somebody once told me to be great at one thing, you need to stick to it and not spread yourself thin. Gambino is proving to be great at all things he sets his mind to, simultaneously.

Click here for the new song “Be Alone”

You ever wonder what those guys selling rap albums on the street are really selling? (courtesy of Derrick Comedy)


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