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Rapper Flo Rida performed to a crowd of young and old at the P.C. Richard & Son Theater in Tribeca in NYC. The small venue held about 200 fans, all ready to dance and have a good time with the chart topping, rap super star.

Flo Rida looked like just that, a rap super star, when he came on the stage; donning a black jacket, a white graphic tee, dark sunglasses, and an iced out necklace that could feed a small country. The smoothness and swag that only a rapper can exude was pouring from Flo Rida as he greeted the New York crowd with a big smile and graciousness.

With only a DJ to back him up on stage, Flo Rida got right into the set with a rousing performance of  “In The Ayer”.  The bass erupted throughout the venue; so much in fact that you could feel it in the soles of your feet and against your own heart beat. And like the song says, the fans followed suit and threw their hands up in the air. Flo Rida happily played to the crowd as danced with the fans. He even threw money (whether real or not, I can not attest) into the audience and laughed along with the crowd.

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As Flo Rida introduced “Low”, the song that made him a household name, he invited fans to dance with him on stage. The stage filled with girls, from the tween age group to older women, and they all shook their booty along to the infectious beat. Even makeup artist Bobby Brown got on stage and got low with Flo Rida all while wearing his giant necklace around her own neck. It was a standout moment of the night!

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After the interactive performance of “Low” the show got increasingly more lively, even as the rapper transitioned into his slower songs “Be On You” and “Come With Me”. During the latter, he got romantic and handed out roses to the women in the audience as they swooned over the softer side of Flo Rida.

To pick things back up, “Sugar” and “Right Round” blasted throughout the venue. And as two of Flo Rida’s radio successes, the crowd knew every word and were ready to sing along. If the excitement of this song wasn’t enough, to the delight of many female fans Flo Rida took off his shirt to expose his tattooed and muscular body.

Flo Rida rounded out his energetic, bass thumping set with his newest single off of the album Only One Flo, “Club Can’t Handle Me”. The venue magically turned into a club as the crowd danced with each other and threw their hands into the air. Flo Rida took to his security’s shoulders and went into the crowd and wandered from the stage to the back of the venue interacting with the crowd. High-fiving and fist pumping his way around drove the fans into a frenzy as they got to touch the rapper and see him up close and personal.

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Flo Rida continually thanked his fans for all their support and for the enthusiasm they had for the new album and all his work. Flo Rida is definitely a talented rapper and if the fact that one of his songs are on the radio and/or music charts at any given time throughout the year is any indicator, he will continue to make hits into the new decade.

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