Sergei Bobrovksy, the stellar goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers, has been named the NHL’s Rookie of the Month for November. Bobrovsky has helped re-establish the Flyers as a top contender in the NHL this year.

The Flyers currently (as of Dec. 2) stand atop the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference and are in the top three teams in the league next to the Washington Capitals and Detroit Red Wings. Bobrovsky has been one of the main reasons the Flyers have been able to maintain their success after last year’s Eastern Conference Championship.

Bobrovksy is currently tied for third in the league with 12 wins under his belt. Luckily for “Bob”, it hasn’t gone unnoticed, as he is currently in second place in fan balloting for the upcoming All-Star Game’s goaltender position. (See the new format for the NHL’s Fantasy Draft All-Star Game here.)

12-4-2 (7-1-2)
Goals-Against-Average: 2.18 (2.03)
Save Percentage: .926 (.931)

Bobrovsky also seems to be on the good side of the Flyers and its staff. Though how could you not be when you have 1.70 goals-against-average during the Flyers’ 10-game unbeaten streak?

“…He’s having the time of this life and he’s an absolute pleasure to work with. He loves to be at the rink and loves to work and that’s exciting for me.” —Flyers Goalie Coach Jeff Reese

Though Bobrovksy hasn’t registered his first shutout yet, he’s one of the few goalies to tally an assist in a game so far this season. Still, his biggest challenge has simply been learning the English language, but the Flyers are fairly happy with how quickly he’s taking strides.

“Since he’s been here, Sergei has worked hard. … Both off the ice and on the ice he’s working to improve his communication with his teammates. He’s obviously taken a liking to what (goalie coach) Jeff Reese is trying to get him to do. I’m surprised, but obviously we’re all quite pleased with how he’s played.” — Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren

If the start of this season is any indication, Flyers fans have a lot left to look forward to out of Bobrovsky. With any luck, we’ll soon be chanting “Bob” deep into the playoffs.

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