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Survivor Nicaragua: Two Quitters Upset the Game

Survivor Nicaragua – Two Quit the Game

This is the first time in Survivor history that 2 players choose to quit the game at the same time.  Quitters never win, and in the case of Survivor, they can also eliminate more qualified contestants.  That is the reason last night’s episode surprised and irritated so many fans of the show.

To become a Survivor contestant, you have to make it through a lengthy elimination process.  Therefore, if you are on the show we all assume that you have what it takes to persevere through the entire game – no matter the circumstances.  Anything less, is well…pathetic.

In the 10 years of Survivor, there have previously been 5 official quitters– people who voluntarily left Survivor without being voted out.  Tonight was a real shocker when 2 players, NaOnka and Purple Kelly, quit at the same time.  It is totally unheard of, and makes you wonder what they were thinking when they signed up for Survivor Nicaragua. (Rain in a rainforest is to be expected, ladies.) 

Purple Kelly, Quitter

As we watched the 2 women walk off, we were left to wonder about the fairness of it.  Last night there were 3 people on the jury.  All three wanted to keep playing the game, but were voted off previously by the other players.  Last night the jury members looked visibly upset when the two announced they were quitting.  The reality is that by not quitting sooner, NaOnka and Purple Kelly stole their chances of becoming the Sole Survivor and winning the million dollars. 

Why were NaOnka and Purple Kelly still in the game?  The other players knew they were weak links.  However, a “weak link” can be an advantage at the end of the game when the jury (the last 10 people voted off) gets to choose the ultimate winner.  But the intellectual strategy of keeping the weakest link can also backfire – which happened last night.  When you keep the weakest people in your alliance, then you shouldn’t be surprised when they prove to be incapable of surviving Survivor.

NaOnka, the other quitter

If you are a fan of the show, quitters disgust you because they totally go against the whole Survivor philosophy of Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast.  Jeff  Probst showed the disgust we felt when he confronted them at Tribal Council.  My favorite part was when NaOnka insisted that if she had stayed she would have won the game.  You can’t survive the elements, but you still think you are the ultimate survivor?  Girl, you need a dose of reality.

Watch the full episode by clicking here.  

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