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DragonForce Still Without A Singer


Herman LI
At this point, does anyone still care about DragonForce? Seriously — I want to know. I feel like the buzz and fervor around this act died two solid years ago but maybe I’m just not paying that much attention. Are DragonForce bigger than that one fucking song, or are they down for the count?

Well, I know of at least one Web site that cares: the Italian site LineaRock. They spoke with guitarist Herman Li, who says he still can’t really talk about lead singer ZP Theart’s departure yet.

“The split with the singer, I can’t talk too much about it yet,” Li says. “We’d love to tell the fans…I know a lot of fans have been asking us…And we don’t wanna keep silent that long, but it has to be the right time before we can explain the reasons, so they have to be patient with us.”

Li says that the band’s “still working with trying out different singers to see which [one] best fits into DragonForce. Because it’s a big thing having someone in the band; it’s like family, you can’t just let someone in so easily. It’s hard work and they have to be traveling around the world; it’s not so easy.”

OK, who’ll get a new frontman first: DragonForce or Velvet Revolver? And what are the chances DF’s next singer also had poodle-like hair? Discuss.