DJ Cazembe Abena will DJ at Rare Soul Tapas Restaurant

With so many choices for Saturday night chill spots in Atlanta how do you choose? Music is the deciding factor, but in a city with a million emcees and a thousand DJs how you can you find the best? Rather than spin your wheels on a gas wasting search that leads you to a bar that’s too loud or a lounge that’s not live enough; you should check out Rare, a soul tapas restaurant that’s just right.  Rare Soul Tapas Restaurant is brought to you by Lorenzo Wyche and Douglas Hines, Jr, the dynamic team that blessed Atlanta with the Harlem Bar.  So you know the food is exquisite and the décor and ambience are intoxicating.  The creative cocktails will put you in the mood for whatever surprises await you at the magical Rare Soul Tapas restaurant.

It is no surprise that a place like Rare would feature one of the country’s best DJs.  DJ Cazembe Abena made a name for himself on the Los Angeles music scene and now he’s mixin’ it up in Atlanta.  He will be DJing at Rare this Saturday.   Any DJ can roll into any given spot, set up shop, and play what he feels.  That type of arrogant attitude can kill the atmosphere.  Fortunately, Cazembe does his homework.  He knows what the Rare crowd wants to hear.  In fact he told us, “The place is great and the food is awesome, so people should be prepared to eat, drink and dance!” He will be spinning House, Future Soul, Funk and Underground Hip Hop.  It will be the right mix of music that will make you dance and enjoy the night eating and drinking with your friends at Rare.

So can a DJ save your night? Yes, DJ Cazembe Abena can! Check him out in Atlanta this Saturday.


rare dj restaurant atlanta

Location: Rare Soul Tapas Restaurant & Bar, 554 Piedmont Ave. NE, Atlanta GA 30308

When: December 4, 2010 8:00 pm – 12:00 am


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