December is upon us so that means snow, Christmas and flu season. To celebrate the arrival of the winter season, I have compiled a list of the top five movies I watch when I’m feeling sick. These movies, mixed with some flu or cold medicine, are what help me survive. To give you a fair warning, none of these movies are Academy Award pictures, they are mostly cheesy movies that make me feel a whole lot better by keeping my mind off all that coughing, stuffiness, headaches and fever.

5. Beverly Hills Ninja
I’ll admit that this movie isn’t very good, and to some it’s a really terrible flick, but Chris Farley makes me laugh in this film. This is happens to be my favorite Chris Farley movie, although I’ll admit it is not his best. The plot is basic: Haru (Chris Farley) believes he is the Great White Ninja, and he goes on a mission to help a damsel in distress in Beverly Hills. This movie just makes me forget about feeling down and blue, as it delivers cheesy lines, Chris Farley doing his physical comedy, Chris Rock chasing a chicken, and Liu Kang (Robin Shou) from Mortal Kombat running around Beverly Hills. There is not much more you can ask from a movie as dumb as Beverly Hills Ninja.

4. Dave
Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, Frank Langella and Kevin Dunn star in one of the great romantic comedies of the 1990’s. This movie is the only exception on the list, as it ain’t cheesy or a bad film. The President of The United States suffers a massive heart attack, and Dave (Kevin Kline) is brought in to impersonate The President. During his impersonation, he begins to make changes to how the White House is run and develops a relationship with the First Lady (Sigourney Weaver). This is one of those  feel good movies that you can watch anytime.

3. Blind Fury
Rutger Hauer stars as the Blind Swordsman, who is on mission to rescue his best friend (Terry O’Quinn). This 1990 action movie is just wonderful. It has all the great elements of a great B-action movie: a cheesy villain, excessive profanity, lots of blood, cheesy dialogue and dumb henchman. This movie is a blast to watch from start to finish and it’s one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Once you see what this blind man goes through and does in this movie, it will make all that complaining one does when feeling sick just feel dumb.

2. The Relic
Peter Hyams, known for writing and directing 2010, directs this 1997 monster film starring Tom Sizemore and Penelope Ann Miller. Tom Sizemore stars as detective Vincent D’Agosta, who is called in to investigate a ship whose entire crew has gone missing. His investigation leads him to evolutionary biologist Dr. Margo Green (Miller), who is studying the contents of the crates found on the ship. The crates only contain leaves with a strange fungus growing on them. On the night of the museum gala, both D’Agosta and Green become locked in the basement with a creature that may have evolved from the fungus. This movie is just great fun, with some pretty great creature effects. There are way better monster films out there, but this has always been that movie that can take my mind off anything.

1. The Delta Force
That’s right, none other than Mr. Chuck Norris in The Delta Force is my number one cure for those sick days. This is not his best film, it’s probably one of his worst, but oh do I love it. Chuck Norris stars as a Navy Seal, who along with his team is sent to Beirut to recover American hostages who were taken from a hijacked plane. This movie is a cheesy 1980’s action movie at its best. I have never really understood why I love this movie so much, but when the movie’s theme song plays and Chuck Norris fires those missiles from his motorcycle towards the end of the movie, I get all happy and all my worries go away.

There you have it, the top five movies that get me through those sick days. Most of these movies may not be classics, or even good movies, but they get the job done. I think I may have bored you enough, so if you happen to stumble upon this post, then feel free to share which movies get you through those sick days.

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