Cisco Adler and The Pigeons and Chris Young The Rapper took the stage at On The Rox, located above The Roxy on December 1st in Hollywood to celebrate the premiere of their new music video/short film, “Song for All the Girls”.

Those who are unfamiliar with the name Cisco Adler may recognize him as half of the rock-rap duo, Shwayze. And the rest of us who haven’t heard of him, probably already have, because on top of being a musician with an album in the Top 10 and two Top 40 singles, he also produces and writes for artists such as Mickey Avalon, Mike Posner, Wiz Khalifa, Yelawolf, Big B, G. Love, Unwritten Law and Dirty Nasty. A list of credits covering a wide range in the spectrum from genre-straddling alternative rock and rap projects makes the most sense when listening to Adler’s new group, The Pigeons, whose sound has been boasted as “genre-less”– a bold and borderline pretentious statement in the music industry.

Adler’s persona both on and offstage is one that can fill a room, and it did. Friends and fans showed up early for drinks and an eclectic DJ set by Adler himself, whose arrival to the venue was announced with a round of cheers, “The party has arrived!” And a party, it was. Though the guests had to wait three hours for a performance, Adler made sure it was one worth waiting for. A performance joined by friends and colleagues who offered guest vocals and took turns filling in on synths and loopstations was interrupted only by a couple hiccups and technical difficulties– minor mishaps in comparison to Adler’s powerful, wild and shameless stage presence. The audience was relentlessly encouraged to rock harder, sing louder and party longer. His connection and devotion to the audience was also prominent, appreciatively, as he invited volunteers to join him onstage to play, dance, take shots or freestyle.

While some artists strive to carve out new genres and sub-genres, Cisco Adler and the Pigeons make no such claims other than utilizing their many influences through a showcase of collective talent and energy to create a sound that might be only be considered genre-less if it is simultaneously encompassing all genres, it seems, and never being (I’m sorry) pigeonholed into a single category.

Culture Cisco Adler and the Pigeons at On the Rox 12.01.2010