It’s that time of the year again. As December steams ahead, TV shows are releasing beloved, holiday-themed episodes, Lifetime and ABC Family are starting the usual 24 days of Christmas TV extravaganza, and the shopping frenzy heightens. So, here are a few fast food holiday deals to fuel the hunger as you forge through malls and shops or to take home and enjoy classic (or new) recordings of holiday shows.

12 Days of Whataburger

The Coupon of one day past

On the second of day of coupons….Free Onion Rings!

Third’s the charm

Hopefully, just like in the song, the gifts will get more extravagant as the days go on. The deal is sponsored by Dr. Pepper and a new deal is emailed every other day, the remaining days being December 1st, 3rd, 5th, so on and so forth until the 23rd. Sign-up is at the 12 days site or you can just click the link [] and a new coupon should show up each day.

Chili’s shares their Calendar

Much in the same spirit of Whataburger, Chili’s is offering 24 days of coupons, with a new coupon available each day and with a free preview of the upcoming days so you know exactly when you want to come back.Visit their site today to check out the goods!

Ronald McDonald, Limited

In other holiday food news, McDonald’s has introduced their holiday pies, which are frosted, polka-dotted, and custard-filled pies. Otherwise, most other fast food chains have switched out their bags for more holiday themed well-wishing paper.


Quiznos is also offering coupons that expire 12/13, and while not as inspiringly cheap as their Thanksgiving weekend deal, $10 for two meals isn’t bad for a lunch deal.

Denny’s Sends Good Wishes, Literally

You’ve seen the Facebook deals and here’s another one. Send a holiday gift card through Denny’s page and you and the recipient will receive a coupon for a free platter of Gingerbread pancake puppies, BUT with a purchase of an entree. Gotta read the fine print, but hey, if you’re heading to Denny’s anyways, a festive dessert could be yours free.

Sweets and Time from Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme has introduced their holiday donut line-up for the season, but that’s nothing new; still… donut-shaped snowmen and christmas trees are kind of cute! What’s the real kicker here is their suggestions for holiday gifts this year: a new holiday tin and a wall calendar.

The wall calendar is $5 and supposed to be filled with $75 worth of coupons.

The holiday tin is a bit special. It’s filled with a sugar cookie mix, sugar sprinkle spread, and gift tags with coupons on the back. So if you have 12 or less persons in mind, then you could bake in some love and hand out some sweetness for Christmas (good for the school or office, I should think). has introduced their latest book deal, offering $10 off and free shipping, totaling the cost of their entertainment book to be $25.

Having personal experience with the Entertainment book, I can tell you: it’s tedious, a bit bothersome, and rather a drag, but they do have some good deals. The atypical coupon is to get something free (whether it be a free side or a free meal), either with no purchase, a purchase, or equal purchase. Occasionally, there are 20% coupons or similarly, with the coupons being for stores in your local area.

Problem is, one hardly ever remembers to bring the book with them, or when wants to use the book, it is quite hefty, and before you know it, it’s November and it’s expired. Around 3 months before expiration date, though, prices really drop, from anywhere to $1 for 2 books or $5.


As for gift card deals for national chains, it is quite a tedious task to list them all that I have chosen to leave it up to this person here, and if you’re local in the OC, you should definitely check out my other article here.

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