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Crowley beating up Crowley kick-starts SUPERNATURAL tonight.  Actually the real Crowley is torturing a shifter, and isn’t getting answers about Purgatory’s location from him, so DECAPITATION (this feels like the 800th decapitation this season alone).

Sam and Dean bring a Rougarou (or as I always called it until I looked it up: the Rub-a-Roo) to Crowley’s demon agent.   They argue about whether working for Crowley is worth it if Sam doesn’t even want his soul back.

Mid-conversation, Sam and Dean are knocked out by a demon working for Meg.  Meg is looking for Crowley.  Sam catches on that Meg is not hunting Crowley but running from him.  Crowley is apparently attacking all the Lucifer loyalists (Meg being one of them).  Sam and Dean offer to help her find and kill Crowley in exchange for her help getting Sam’s soul back from him.

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Dean is really angry over working with Meg after she killed Jo and Ellen.   Sam believes they can work with her and screw her over before she screws them.  Sam calls to Castiel, but doesn’t seem to have any luck reaching him.   He lies about finding the ARK OF THE COVENANT (from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK) to fake Castiel into showing up.  Tremendous.  A great back and forth between Sam and Castiel occurs here, with Sam even threatening to kill Caz if he doesn’t help them.   This dialogue proved to me that Soulless Sam needs to stick around!

Samuel shows up, but says he can’t help them find Crowley or get Sam’s soul back.   Dean wonders what Crowley is holding over Samuel to make him not help his own family.  He pulls out a picture of Sam and Dean’s Mom!   Crowley promised to bring her back for Samuel.   Dean launches into a great speech about how this is the Winchester Achilles’ heel to make deals with demons over family members, and Samuel needs to back off and forget the deal now before it’s too late.  Only 20 minutes in and CAGED HEAT has already featured some pretty powerful speeches.

Castiel is analyzing porn while the boys research.   This scene is definitely right up there with the “Microwave Fairy” for being two of the funniest moments in the SUPERNATURAL series.

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Back to the serious as Samuel brought a map with the location of where Crowley is jailing the alphas and top-ranking creatures.  Meg joins in on the fun.  Sam asks Meg for her demon-killing knife, and then stabs her demon associate.   Sam felt he wanted them dead more than helping them out.  Again, please keep Sam Soul-Free!

Dean and Castiel talk about why Castiel thinks Sam’s soul may currently be getting the torture treatment from Michael and Lucifer.  Giving it back to Sam could cause severe mental and physical suffering that can’t be undone.   This is a very important episode in the SUPERNATURAL universe.

The group enters the Crowley Creature Jail (too easily).  They hear hellhounds coming.   Meg’s demon helpers are torn to shreds.  Meg tries to leave her body, but can’t escape her “meat suit”.  Meg says she’ll hold off the hellhounds while Sam and Dean find Crowley.  She then kisses Castiel and takes his angel-killing knife.  Castiel kisses her back and references learning some moves from the pizza guy in the porno!  This is great.  Samuel is there, waiting for the group.   He uses the blood trick to send Castiel back to Heaven.  He sold them out to Crowley!

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Meg bests all of the hounds but gets caught by demon CHRISTIAN CAMPBELL.   Sam and Dean are locked up, and Samuel explains why he had to put Mary before them.  He says Dean chose Sam over his mother, which wrecked Samuel’s world.   Dean launches into another great speech about how he will survive the night and find Samuel and kill him.   I just got major chills over that speech.  Crowley’s demons take him away.

Christian has Meg locked down (in the hottest way one can be tied up on network television).  He is going to torture her.   Sam starts drinking his own blood while Dean is taken to a room to become feed.  Goons show up to take Sam to where Dean is, but Sam catches them in a Demon trap symbol (so he wasn’t drinking his own blood after all).

Sam runs to help Dean.  Meg is getting tortured, and it sounds pretty gross but she starts laughing when Dean shows up and stabs Christian with the knife.  Dean just saved Meg…wow.

Crowley goes to torture the girl Djinn from the first episode of the season, but gets interrupted by the fire alarm.   Crowley walks into a Demon Trap, and Meg uses her powers to torture Crowley for Sam’s soul.   Crowley argues that he can’t get the soul back, and it would leave Sam a drooling mess.   Meg goes to stab Crowley, but he wrestles the knife away from her and escapes the trap.  Crowley and Meg are about to fight, but Castiel shows up again, this time with Crowley’s bones.   Castiel asks if he can get Sam’s soul restored or not, Crowley answers no, so Castiel lights the bag of bones on fire.  CROWLEY DISINTEGRATES!

Meg disappears, and we’re back to the Impala.  Castiel tells the brothers he’s dealing with some really tough times in Heaven.   He still offers to deal with the creatures locked up in the abandoned jail.   Sam argues that both Angels and Demons agree that he’s better off without his soul and the human suffering, empathy, and heartbreak with it, but Dean doesn’t accept that.   Dean yells for his brother not to walk away, but Sam keeps walking.

Written by Brett Matthews
Directed by Robert Singer

Next week Death returns, and ROBERT EFFIN ENGLUND comes with him.

Gore of the Night:
Once again, a decapitation is the champion of the episode’s gore content.

Moments of the Night (Very important stuff tonight):
Meg helped Sam and Dean.
Samuel betrayed his grandkids in favor of his daughter.
Crowley is destroyed (unless it was a trick to help him get to Purgatory).
Sam admits he doesn’t want his soul back.
Castiel gets some lovin!
Sam’s soul may be a complete mess, and it may hurt him to get it back.  TAKE YOUR PICK!   All were great moments in CAGED HEAT.

Quotes of the Night:

“This what you boys do? Sit around watching pornos with angels?” – Samuel, upon entering the motel and seeing Castiel watching porn.

“Karma’s a bitch…bitch.” – Dean, when Meg can’t escape Crowley’s jail.

“I learned that from the Pizza man.” – Castiel, after kissing a very happy Meg, referencing the moves he learned from the porno’s lead character.

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