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Portland: Welcome to Beervana

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Controversial claims have been made that Portland, Oregon could possibly be the beer capital of the world. The City of Roses is home to 28 breweries, which is more than any other city in the United States, making it the obvious beer capital of the country. Natives and travelers alike have taken to referring to Portland as Beervana and Brewtopia. The gist of the matter is: Portland knows beer.

When traveling to Portland, finding a good microbrew will never pose a challenge; there are, however, three breweries within stumbling distance that every 21-and-older traveler should check into.

1.) Deschutes Brewery

Location: NW 11th & Davis in the Pearl District

Originally from Bend, Deschutes Brewery offers one of the best tap lists in the country. That statement is no exaggeration, only the truth. Currently ranked 6th out of 18,000 in the world of craft beer, the brewers at Deschutes seem to have a pretty good handle on their beer. The year-round tap list boasts classic award-winning favorites like the Mirror Pond Pale Ale and the Black Butte Porter, but it’s the seasonal and limited-release brews that really make the trip worthwhile. The pub also offers a delicious menu – especially when you’re in the mood for a big burger with your pint. The most important thing to try is the house-cut sweet potato fries for $6 – they pair with every beer on the menu.

2.) Rogue Distillery and Public House

Location: NW 14th & Flanders in the Pearl District

Rogue hails from the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon and has made quite a name for itself. Some breweries have quality and others have quantity – Rogue has both. The tap list is incredible; Hazelnut Brown, Chocolate Stout, Chipotle Ale, Mocha Porter – all of the flavors taste just as good, if not better, than they sound. The public house offers a pretty decent menu of typical pub eats, but that’s not why you should go. Food is only necessary to sustain yourself while going to town on all of the beers you’re going to want to try.

3.) BridgePort Brewing Company

Location: NW 13th & Northrup

BridgePort Brewery originated in the city of Portland and claims itself as Oregon’s oldest craft brewery. The consistency of BridgePort beer is what really makes it a champion amongst the craft brew crowd. While they do release limited edition and season brews, you would benefit more from ordering off of the year-round tap list. The Blue Heron Ale is never a disappointment and as far as an IPA goes, BridgePort is where it’s at. The food is delicious, but the baked goods are even better. The servers are all incredibly friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to what beers would pair well with what foods are on the menu.

If you like beer – and really, who doesn’t? – Portland “Brewtopia” Oregon will surely tickle your fancy. In addition to great beer and good eats, all three of these breweries offer a jovial pub atmosphere – even further bettering the experience. You’ll leave Portland as a beer connoisseur, guaranteed.