If you remember the chain letters in high school or middle school, where someone copied and pasted a message, and in return, the recipient must also copy, paste, and send to at least 10 more recipients…or else… or for awesome good luck? Like a ripple in a pond, the chain message spread. Taking that concept, on Facebook a similar movement is spreading. Using Child Abuse Awareness Month (coming up in April) as impetus, members on Facebook are encouraged to change their profile pictures to a cartoon from their childhood, lending their virtual support to ending child abuse and raising awareness. The official name of the movement is the Campaign to End Violence Against Children.

CASA of West Texas reports that they’ve helped “more than 2,500 victims of child abuse” and have gotten the attention of Channel 9 West Texas News, which has done their own media blitz, reporting the movement, and getting the news onto Youtube.

Here’s my cartoon picture, but since I like to be a bit different, it’s “The Real Version of Timon and Pumba.” What are your feelings on the subject? One of the interviewed employees at CASA said she thought it was clever, a nice, light way to bring up the subject, since the cartoon characters are beloved memories. I myself find that the association with such a negative aspect of life might be a bit tarnishing. Others bring in dilemma of effectiveness, but the idea is awareness and in this case, people are, at least, becoming aware.

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