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Times Of Grace: Another Teaser Clip Hits The Web


Times of Grace
So, you’d think by now I would have heard the entire Times of Grace record by now. After all, the band’s singer, former Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach, is a contributing writer here at Gun Shy Assassin. But nope…no special treatment for me. Like you, I have been hearing the album in bits and pieces, and like you, can not wait to actually have the record in my hot little hands.

The Hymn of a Broken Man is going to be one bad-ass album, and I know this because of clips like the one you can hear at the end of this post. I mean, Jesus…the guitars on that thing made my mouth start salivating. I can not wait for this record. I feel like it’s easily going to be a top contender for 2011’s Best of the Year honors. But only time will tell.

The album drops January 18. The following clip is from the track “Hope Remains” and I leave you with it as the last post of the day. Unless something catastrophic goes down. Which could happen. OK, I’m off to interview Tommy Rogers from Between The Buried and Me. His new album Pulse is also amazing. I know, because I have the record. It’s fucking awesome. Anyways, check out the latest morsel from Times of Grace.