Paul Arnold
This is why I don’t hunt. Well, that and I love animals and don’t need to kill things to make myself feel better about the size of my micro-pud. Now you know how I feel about hunting, and we can move on.

Reunited thrash metallers At War’s bassist and vocalist Paul Arnold was shot in a hunting mishap Thursday night and as a result, suffered a shattered hip. There’s no word on who shot Arnold, or whether that person was Dick Cheney. This did happen in Virginia! Very little is known about the actual hunting trip itself at this time.

According to Paul’s brother, “The doctors are now going back in to evaluate the hip and nerves and bones. He is on a ventilator as a precaution.”

He’s on a ventilator? That’s usually fucking serious, but according to Paul’s bro, Arnold is expected to make a full recovery. The question is, will he go back to hunting? Let me consult my magic 8-ball…”Concentrate and ask again.” Fuck, I don’t have time for this!!!

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  1. You, sir, are an insufferable douchebag. Hey, since this post is going online, I guess I can call myself an “internationally published” writer. If you were a true journalist, and not some dime-a-dozen “blogger,” you’d ask questions. But, it IS much easier to post your own moronic opinions and fob them off as writing.
    Get a real job, loser.

    • Dude, I wrote for MTV News for several years, have written for Rolling Stone and Revolver. That’s what makes me international. And you’re just a jealous loser.


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