Dean shows up in Chinatown as SUPERNATURAL begins tonight, and he eventually meets with Dr Robert (ROBERT ENGLUND) and his assistant Eva.  Apparently Dr. Robert knew John Winchester.  Dean pays a large sum of money and tells the doc that if something goes wrong, to send out a letter to Benjamin Braeden.  Doc gives him an injection, says he has 3 minutes, and DEAN IS DEAD.  We see his spirit walking around, and he calls on TESSA the reaper.  He asks Tessa to call her boss, and DEATH IS BACK!

Image Courtesy of The CW

Dean asks Death to “jail-break” Sam’s soul.  Death says he will only bring back one soul.  Dean has to choose between Sam and Adam, but Dean chooses Sam without hesitation (that may come back to haunt him).  He asks Death if he can fix Sam’s soul.  Death can only put up a temporary wall to block the bad memories and Hell scars on Sam’s soul.  Death offers to bring it back if Dean will play death for the day.

Dean tells Sam and Bobby the stipulations, and Sam is not thrilled about getting his soul back.  Dean puts on the ring and is transported to Tessa.  It is Dean’s job to put death in motion without losing the ring and Tessa reaps them.  (Reminds me of the great DEAD LIKE ME series that was cancelled way too soon).

Meanwhile, Sam calls on BALTHAZAR.  He wants a weapon or a spell to keep a soul out forever.  Balthazar says he’ll do it for free, and screwing Dean would delight him.  Balthazar says he needs the blood of his father to “scar his vessel” and pollute his body to the point that the soul can’t re-enter.  Since John Winchester is dead, the blood of a surrogate father will do.  Balls!

Image Courtesy of The CW

Dean kills off a man who tried to rob a store, but lets him suffer before finishing the job.  Next on the list is a man having a heart attack.  The man asks what it all means, and Dean tells him EVERYTHING IS DUST IN THE WIND!  Tremendous.  The man doesn’t seem too pleased that life can be summed up by a Kansas song.

Dean is having issues giving death to a 12-year-old-girl.  Dean puts his foot down and tells Tessa he won’t do it.  The doctor tells the father that the girl had a miracle and her heart has suddenly healed.

Sam is playing cards with Bobby, looking rather ominous.  Sam goes for the knockout, but Bobby already expected it and knocks him down first.  When Bobby turns around, Sam is gone.  Bobby hides in the closet, Sam starts chopping through the door.  Bobby pauses the action to order Sam, “Don’t say HERE’S JOHNNY.”  Bobby locks him in the basement.  Sam doesn’t want a soul back that remembers Hell.  Sam stops answering Bobby, and Bobby goes to find him (not before uttering the famous catchphrase:  “BALLS!”).  Bobby is still searching for Sam and gets knocked out for his troubles.

Dean and Tessa see the consequences of not taking the child as one of the nurses from the hospital died in her place.  Tessa tells the nurse that information before she reaps her, just to make Dean feel extremely guilty.  Tessa tells Dean he must kill the girl, that she is disrupting the natural order, and chaos and sadness will follow her around forever.

Dean is in the car with the husband of the nurse, who is speeding to his death.  Dean takes off the ring to pull the car over.  It crashes, and now Dean has lost his bet with Death.  The man survived the crash.  Dean puts the ring back on, despite being told by Tessa that he was done.  He finishes taking the girl’s life, and arrives just in time to save Bobby from Sam cutting his throat.  We see that Sam wasn’t holding back and would have done it.  That’s one MAJOR argument against keeping Sam SOUL-FREE!

Death is waiting for Dean with some “Bacon Dogs”.  Dean and Death both have a great conversation on the value of the human soul.  Death then says the two brothers are at the front and center of everything that is happening.  He says the brothers need to “keep digging,” and they will find the true value of the soul.  He disappears and re-appears in the room with Sam, CARRYING SAM’S SOUL.  He tells Sam not to scratch at the wall and then painfully puts the soul back into Sam.

Episode Written by Sera gamble and Robert singer
Episode Directed by Mike Rohl

Gore of the Night: No good “Horror Gore” to chat about, although we did see a bit of “real life” gore in the hospital after the nurse’s accident.

Moments of the Night: Death reveals that the brothers are on to something major involving souls, and basically said the same thing Balthazar said concerning the value of souls.
Sam got his soul back, but what will the consequences be and how long will that wall hold up? Until the end of the season? One Season? Two?

Quotes of the Night: “Don’t roll your eyes at me Dean. It’s not polite.” Absolutely chilling the way Julian Richings delivers this line. I just love when character actors get an opportunity to shine, and SUPERNATURAL always delivers the goods for character actors. Kudos!
“You think maybe it was the extra cheese?” Dean, to the man who wonders why he died after chowing down on some artery-clogging pizza.

No new episodes until January 28th, 2011.  One more time, with feeling:  BALLS!

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