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Ask A Bombshell With Zeena Koda


Ask A Bombshell With Zeena Koda
Zeena Koda — DJ over at Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal and just an all-around great (not to mention recently-single) gal — is back again to help you with your fucked up life, because she’s just fucking good like that. When it comes to advice, the Assassin has long relied on Zeena, and now, she’s here to help you. This week, the Bombshell tackles the tough issues…like what a meat lover can eat at the vegan restaurant and even helps you with your fucking travel plans. As always, please email us your questions. Hell, you could even leave them in the comments section, so Zeena will see them faster. Now without further adieu, it’s Ask A Bombshell.

“I’m Ernie and I love meat. But just as much as I love meat, I hate vegetables. I just started dating this girl who is a vegetarian and she wants us to go to a vegan restaurant or some sort of hippie, granola bar. I’m willing to go with her, but don’t know what to order. Any dish suggestions for a meathead? — Ernie

The Bombshell says…
Hey Ernie, I mean come on, who doesn’t like quality meat? We know you sure love munchin’ on a piece of Bert’s for sport! I gotta say that sometimes vegan/veggie renditions of meat dishes CAN be dope but I have fallen victim to some bad vegan choices, i.e.; the fake chicken soy-tasting leg, complete with artificial sinews and popsicle stick for a leg. As a fervent lover of all things meat, when trying to go veggie or vegan the best solution is to take on something exclusively veg because you won’t hold any predisposed notion of how it should really taste; take it almost as a new learning experience for all.

I personally dig fried tofu of any kind because it usually is accompanied by some yummy sauces and has SOME kind of substance to it. I say eat a big meal before you go, complete with fried chicken and steak; then allow her to eat whatever she wants while you can randomly choose what “sounds” interesting on the menu and pick at it. You leave still full, more adventurous and on the path to getting some solid action.

“Zeena: I will be making my first trip to New York in the fall. What spots/places in New York should I not skip? — sabrinakitty

The Bombshell says…
It all depends on what you’re coming to this grand ‘ol city for. Shopping, drinking, shows and hitting the tourist sites are usually standard fare but if you come at a time that’s a little warmer, you might want to explore sites like Governors Island (one of my faves) to get an outdoor perspective and feel for the old NYC. A few things I feel are key spots — if you’re a metal lovin’ woman — in NYC:

For Shopping: NOHO, St. Marks, Chinatown; also in Brooklyn, there are some really cool pop-up markets, depending on when you come but do some quick research for that time.

For drowning sorrows in drugs and grain: Pretty much any dive bar is my steez but places I’ve had insane nights at — KGB Bar, Idle Hands, Santos Party House, Arrow Bar and Down The Hatch. If you want to cross boroughs to Brooklyn, Duff’s and Lucky 13 are a must and the music is killlllllller

As for things I’d skip, Times Square for sure: it’s a CLUSTERFUCK and frankly, few people from NYC (unless they work there) really hang out there. It’s not much different than what you see on TV — flashy, narcissistic, crowded: your time is better spent getting twisted somewhere else.

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