Someone's got the sniffles...
Let this be a lesson to all of you: Cocaine is no good. Sure, it helps get you slutty chicks and makes your balls tingle, but really, it’s an awful substance which can wreak havoc on the human body with years of abuse. Just ask Bumpin’ Duff McKagan.

The Guns N’ Roses legend who also happens to be in these two bands called Velvet Revolver and Loaded is undergoing surgery on his sinuses, which is no fucking fun at all, folks. Duff’s going to be in a lot of pain for at least the rest of the month. Poor guy. According to his wife Susan, Duff’s gone under the knife to correct a hole that developed in the cartilage of his nasal septum.

Susan’s Twitter reads “Am thankful and blessed my man is alive today! Kids, don’t do drugs! Say a prayer for Duff as he’s getting surgery on his sinuses (a hole the size of a quarter from years of [coke] abuse). We must live and learn how lucky we are for our health and family and friends. Love you, Duff.”

Of course, Duff has never denied living a hard life during the GN’R days. He admits to being a chronic coke user, as well as a boozer and pill-popper. But seriously, kids…cocaine is bad. Sure, it might make you feel like you have the strength of ten gorillas and the sexual prowess of John Holmes, but it’s a bad drug. Just ask Kevin DuBrow, bro.

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