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I Didn’t Know The Deftones Could Suck


Many demerits
Truly. I didn’t think it was at all possible. But add a little Jacoby Shaddix to the mix, and the Deftones actually begin to start to suck. I know…I was shocked by this development, too.

Papa Roach’s frontman joined my beloved Deftones on stage in Paris yesterday, to perform the D-Tones classic “7 Words.” Ask and Deftones fans if they love that song, and they’ll respond, “Shut up, you don’t know me.” For reals.

But, as the following video exhibits, Jacoby Shaddix could join Opeth on stage and his fucking no-talent ass would rub off on Mikael, simply through the process of osmosis. “7 Words?” What? — they couldn’t have had Jacoby up for a cover of “Pink Cellphone?” Why have him sing on a track we all have fucking loved since the first time we heard Adrenaline?

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