Arsonists Get All The Girls
Someone must be happy about this. Say, the members of the band, maybe. I can’t think of anyone else who would be, but it’s still news that Arsonists Get All The Girls will be working with producer Zack Ohren on their new album, which they will begin tracking in the coming months.

The as-yet untitled effort is expected out sometime in the middle of next year. Vocalist Jared Monnette talked up the new shit in a press release.

“This record is packed with a metric shit-ton of different sounds, directions, styles and grind,” Monnette says. “We’ve really tried to incorporate a new sound while keeping the important elements of AGATG, while letting the past year and half’s experience and stories of tour steer the rest of the album. We’ve been through quite a bit in the recent year, and it’s almost impossible to not incorporate all of our travel tales into the new sound.”

He adds that “every song has something special to offer, or a new story to tell that allows anyone listening a temporary escape.” I wonder if these dude buys his own bullshit. “If its not the first song that you’ll enjoy, then it will be the next. We’ve taken the next step in progressing our music, and it may be the first into a full sprint.”

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