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Supernatural Recap: A Very Supernatural Christmas (Season 3, Episode 8)


With the holidays already underway, I thought it would be nice to reference a sweet holiday episode of SUPERNATURAL from Season 3. The Christmas episode was during the season of Dean inevitably headed for Hell, and Sam desperately fighting to keep his brother alive. This Christmas episode was one of the lighter episodes of the season, but features one of the most vomit-inducing moments in the series.

Image Courtesy of The CW

We start SUPERNATURAL with a ONE YEAR AGO line at the bottom of the screen; Grandpa gets dressed as Santa for his grandson. As the grandson watches Grandpa Santa unload gifts, we hear creepy footsteps on the roof. Grandpa hears something in the chimney, and gets yanked up the chimney. This leads to the grossest chomping sounds I’ve heard on network television. We see a bloody Santa hat fall to the floor.

Sam and Dean are interviewing a woman about her missing family member (in the present). Sam found a tooth in the chimney. Sam references MARY POPPINS, which Dean knows NOTHING about. Sam’s research leads to the possibility of evil Santa, or ANTI-CLAUS. Sam also finds a moment here to reference that Dean was the one who told Sam that Santa didn’t exist.

All the Christmas talk makes Dean want to have a Christmas, but Sam doesn’t want to, which leads to a flashback of Christmas 1991. Dean is telling Sam that John Winchester will show up for Christmas, though we see that Dean is lying to protect John’s monster hunting. Apparently, John wasn’t the greatest at showing up for the holidays. As a side note, the kids do an excellent job of channeling Sam and Dean’s personalities.

Image Courtesy of The CW

Sam and Dean wind up at a Christmas themed farm, and spot a suspicious (and possibly drunk) Santa. They hear screaming, but bust in on Santa with a BONG, WHISKEY, AND CHRISTMAS PORN! Soooo tremendous. Then, knowing that they made a mistake, the brothers start singing SILENT NIGHT, and SINFUL SANTA JOINS IN. Classic!

Meanwhile, we see another creepy break-in, as ANTI-CLAUS dressed in black leather comes down the chimney, wraps a kid’s parent in his sack, pauses for some cookies, and takes Dad up the chimney. Sam notices a wreath over the latest victim’s home, which came from the Christmas farm.

Sam talks to Bobby on the phone, and they determine it is less likely Anti-Claus, and more likely part of an old Pagan sacrifice ritual that uses plants to lead the Pagan Gods to the chosen sacrifice.

While waiting for Bobby to tell them how to kill the gods, Sam and Dean talk more about having a Christmas. Dean reminds Sam that this is his last year to live before the Hell Beasts take him, and Sam doesn’t want to celebrate. He thinks he will only think about next year, when Dean is dead. This leads to another flashback, where young Sam has figured out what his Dad really does, and what Dean already knows.  Young Dean finally admits to Sam the truth. This is where Sam learns that while Santa isn’t real, monsters really do exist. As Sam goes to bed crying, Dean promises that everything will be better in the morning.

Back to the present, Sam and Dean meet the husband and wife who make the wreaths. The Carrigans are like a creepy version of a 50’s sitcom. Sam does further research to determine that the Carrigans are up to something, so the boys break into their home at night to end things. They find a lot of blood and bones in the basement, along with a bloody sack and bloody, leather coat. They are busted by the Carrigans, who appear to have some superhuman strength. They are the Pagan Gods.

Image Courtesy of The CW

While the brothers are tied up, the Carrigans show up in creepy Christmas sweaters, and prepare the boys for eating. Dean and Sam are getting tortured as the Carrigans slice their arms for blood and Mr. Carrigan PULLS SAM’S FINGERNAIL OFF. Gross!! Fortunately, a neighbor interrupts the process when she brings over a fruitcake, allowing Sam and Dean to untie and escape. They create stakes out of a Christmas tree, and finish off the Carrigan Pagan Gods.

We see a final flashback, where Dean says that John showed up and brought gifts, then left. Sam opens a SAPPHIRE BARBIE gift, and Sam figures out Dean stole the gifts from a house up the block to pretend Dad showed up. Sam gives Dean the gift he was wrapping for Dad, and it is the necklace that we always see Dean wearing.

Back to the present, Sam brought a Christmas tree and some spiked eggnog. Dean brought gifts from the gas mart. It turns out Sam did the same. Dean gave Sam shaving cream and skin magazines. Sam gave Dean motor oil and slim jims. As they toast what could be their final Christmas together, Sam tears up, fights them off and asks if Dean would like to watch the game (I miss moments like this in later seasons).

Gore of the Night: Easily, the slow yanking of Sam’s nail off the finger, and we’re even allowed to see the bloody underside. Gag reflex officially induced!

Moment of the Night: Some sweet moment with flashbacks, giving us more of a glimpse into the lives of Sam and Dean growing up in a monster hunter family.
Shows just how important the brothers really are to each other.

Quotes of the Night: “Somebody owes a nickel to the swear jar!”  -Mrs. Carrigan, giving a funny, yet creepy reprimand to Dean for calling her a bitch.

“You fudging touch me again, I’ll fudging kill you!”  -Dean, after being told by Mrs. Carrigan that when she feels a swear word coming on, she replaces it with the word FUDGE.