Devin is annoyed...
He, too, is sick of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, and his never-ending “urgent appeal” to raise $16 million in donations from people who use Wikipedia. Wales says the money is needed to implement much-needed technological updates to the site. It’s a quest he hatched just before Thanksgiving, and he’s still got $5.2 million to sucker out of you before those annoying banner ads disappear.

Recently, while over in Sweden working on his new album Deconstruction, Devin Townsend — who is one of the coolest dudes on the motherfucking planet — has been Tweeting…mostly about the record, but also about Wales.

In a series of Tweets, Devin wonders “How does Wikipedia make no money? Seems nuts…” I have asked myself that same question Devin…it does seem nuts? I guess they don’t have ads on the site, but otherwise, you’d think someone would fund the fucker.

My other question is…what could Devin be looking for on Wikipedia? Perhaps he’s looking up his own page, to make sure there are no inaccuracies. Or maybe he’s actually looking up men’s undergarments; in one post, he calls Wales “Mr. Sad” and links to the Wikipedia page for the “Jockstap.”

“I kind of hope the Wikipedia guy will stop appealing soon…,” Devin Tweeted. I love Devin, and I want him to get these records done soon because the sooner he finishes them, the sooner I get to hear them.

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