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Pentagram Sign With Metal Blade Records


Yes, that’s right fuckers. Pentagram — the long-running Virginia-based doom metal outfit — have inked a deal with Metal Blade Records, and are now labelmates with The Goat and Ipsissimus. Fucking dope, dude! Maybe they’ll end up touring together. That would be rather regal!

This signing has been rumored for a while now, but was never officially announced until this week. Metal Blade will be issuing the band’s next studio outing, Last Rites, in the spring, with a live DVD set to follow later in 2011. I know at least a handful of dudes who’ll be fapping to this news.

Last Rites will be the band’s first studio release in six years, and follows 2004’s Show ‘Em How.

“I reflect on how Pentagram is coming into its 40th year and how it finally feels like we are entering into the major leagues,” says frontman Bobby Liebling. “With Metal Blade now at our side, it feels like we made the World Series! I’ll quote John Lennon from Hard Day’s Night and ask the loyal rivetheads out there, ‘Did we pass the audition?’”