Flo Mounier
Cryptopsy’s Flo Mounier has teamed up with former Nile members Chief Spires and John Ehlers in a brand new band called Temple of Thieves. I like that name, and this band sounds rather promising…even if The Unspoken King was, as some called it, the 9/11 of metal.

Spires claims that the band is “definitely different than anything we’ve done in the past. We wanted to step outside our boundaries and do something that we enjoy listening to. I know we’ll probably get blasted because it’s not death metal. No worries — we can take it — and I’m sure there’s people out there that will enjoy it.”

If you want to hear what the band sounds like, we’ve got your access to four tunes — “Poison The Well,” “Listen To Reason,” “Crutch” and “Sinful Communion” — after the jump. By the way, the band is currently looking for a label to sign them and release their entire record.

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