Before The Dawn
The ink is still drying, but a new contract has been signed between Finnish metallers Before The Dawn and Nuclear Blast Records. The band joins the label’s roster and will release their sixth album, Deathstar Rising, on February 25.

What! — you say you’ve never heard of Before The Dawn? Well, the melodic death metal band’s been around since 1999 and according to a press release, they’ve “managed to pave their way to uniqueness by combining the heaviness of melodic death metal, the gloom of dark metal and the frostbitten cold of Finnish winters with beautiful melodies and epic hymnody like no other band out there.”

Damn, are those bold words. But not bold without merit. This band is pretty fucking unruly. Tuomas Saukkonen, the band’s leader, is excited about the signing.

“After 10 years and five albums, the very best that could have happened to Before The Dawn was to get under the wings of one of the most powerful metal machineries ever,” he says in a press release. “The new alliance between Nuclear Blast and Before The Dawn is an fine example of determination, devotion, motivation and a true northern ‘through the thickest stone wall’ attitude.”

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